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    On this day of your life,
    Jackie, I believe God wants you to know…

    …that negative feelings are not true feelings at all; rather,
    they are your thoughts about something, based always on
    the previous experience of yourself and others.

    You will not find Truth in your past data, only past data
    that is based on other past data that is based on other
    past data, and so forth. Forget your “past experience”
    and look directly at the experience you are having
    Right Here, Right Now.

    There is your Truth.

    Love, Your Friend …


    Once again another very good and true letter You got, Jax.
    What Neale wrote in this letter is very much along the line of what I lately read in the book “Greeks for Geeks” which is dealing with Stoicism. In this book the author also writes about that it is not the action or the person itself which/whom we like or dislike but our feelings, our experiences which we, more or less immediately, attach to them which results in liking or disliking someone or something. I feel that this go together with what Neale wrote in this letter.
    Many thanks for sharing it with us.


    Imagine if we could learn to not judge our experiences, thus not creating the negative reaction in the first place? Then we could remain aware and have choices available instead of going into reaction all the time. That’s my goal in raising my daughter, and in retraining myself. lol I need this letter as much as the next person does.


    That is a very good goal and one I have set for myself. My understanding of how I can reach it, how I can achieve it might differ from yours but that doesn’t matter as much as does that we all follow the individual path, share our experience and stay open to learn from others. In this way, I do feel, that we all can learn from each other, progress and finally can reach our individual and also our shared goals. :meditate

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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