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    Here’s a bit more detailed view of mine on 2 lines of jedi code. Some of the similar stuff is all over the place so I though I just put it all together. As well I promised to address the acting on past knowledge versus being in present. Well here it is. I may write it in another format yet again. Now I just had a surge of inspiration to go  :saber on Jedi Code to cut it apart and let the sun shine where it otherwise would not reach.

    There is no ignorance; there is knowledg[/strike]e – a line of knowledge hoarder. Knowledge is as good at causing ignorance. Does knowing help you deal with the unknown? How? You’ll make mistakes because you think you know. Otherwise you are unable to act, because you don’t know. It’s a common man’s delusion to be always correct unless they accept that they’re proven wrong. To be conscious in the moment, here and now trumps the “need to know” as a tool of doing things better.

    Do we only talk of Force? Anyone felt, seen it, sensed it? Then you know it is a carrier of information, in one level. Still your mind. Feel, what is around you. Sense what you should do and act.

    You can’t only rely on Force of course, you have to think better. Past knowledge doesn’t help, then what? Again still your “knowing this and that”, you’re thinking in past but facing the present. Look at what or who is around you. If the person looks like skinhead in military camouflage, you’re going to avoid him because of your past knowledge. Address the here and now. This is new situation, new person you really don’t know. So why not try to find out what’s his business rather than shout at him to get lost or keep away from him? People acting on past experience and knowledge can be like scared animals or most rudest of all. Forget that you know everything, consider you don’t know rather. What do you do then as the not-knower? You will be careful, alert and ready for anything.
    The attitude of I know is blinding you, you go into situations unprepared for the unknown. You may even meet people and never get to know them thanks to your “I know” approach rather than “I don’t know a thing” consideration.

    [strike]There is no death; there is Force.[/strike]

    Yoda kept saying death is natural part of nature, of Force.
    This line was made probably because “I’d like to escape death like Obi-Wan did when struck by Darth Vader”
    Reeks of fanboy-ism. It’s a flashy statement with no impactful meaning for jedi way. Jedi learn that everything is energy and energy can not be destroyed. Soon everyone on this planet thinks the same.
    What does jedi do with that common knowledge? Back when it came out it was some “WoW”. Not for a real jedi. Not anymore.

    Also it has not helped to promote jedi to act as if we’d be luminous beings rather than this physical form. We’d see more like jedi hermits coming to forums to discuss mysterious and exciting things they’ve seen outside of physical plane. Nope, it’s jedi with their ranks and politics and chat on forums.

    How does talking help one to learn about the Force? I see most jedi prefer to stay with philosophy rather than practice.
    I guess it’s the flashy impact of Star Wars mythos and the code. It’s so awesome that people don’t seek really awesome things in real life.

    Kol Drake

    For the ancient Greeks, philosophies *were* taken to mind, body, and heart as a ‘means of being’.  (see the thread on stoicism).

    Here at the IJRS, I believe the we dissect the movies, codes, concepts to see just what the underlying, ‘unified’ philosophy might be for a ‘day to day’ Jedi and then work to articulate that philosophy in the classes and threads so others can see it, chew on it, and see if they disagree, agree, or do not care.

    Once a semi solid philosophy / outlook is agreed upon, one can take that forward into practice and then turn knowledge into wisdom with appropriate action.

    I also believe the IJRS is getting closer to having mostly polished stances on most areas so that the ‘next decade’ can be used to bring those philosophical views more to the mainstream of Jedi Pathwalkers.  But, that is my opinion…. AND, there is still much to cover and learn and present… so, the work continues.


    I feel zilly having posted it here now, thanks to your reply  :)



    No need for silly feelings. :-)  These are your understandings of the code.  Perhaps it will stimulate thought for others. 


    I like feeling silly, it’s a new experience! j/k  ;D

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