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    One-Winged Angel

    Hello. I have a bit of a history with the “Jedi Realist Scene.” Some here may recognize me; to others, I may be just another handle on the Web.

    I was a member under the original Jediism movement, headed by Chris Chanada, known there by the handle of “Daye.” I was accelerated to the level and title of “Jedi Knight” prior to the organization’s swift disbandment. I have also been a member of the United Jedi Order under the same handle, and the Unified Jedi Academy as “Azur-Jamin,” and later just as “Chris“.

    After the UJA disappeared, so did I. I stumbled upon this Institute via a quick Google query, so thought I’d see what all is going on here. I’m not necessarily fully re-entering the Jedi Realist subculture, but I do intend on sticking around for a bit, and seeing who all I can reconnect with from the “good old days.”

    As for personal information, my real name is Chris. I am a full-time DJ, music producer, & remix artist. I reside in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with my fiance Sara and her three-year old daughter Rebecca. I am currently 23 years of age, and I officially label my religious beliefs as those of a Setian, and offshoot of Satanism, and thus most likely qualify as a “dark-sider” for many. Ha.

    Anyway, hello.


    Hey Chris, good to see you back again.

    Eventually, we all seem to make our way back don’t we?

    I’ve started my training over here.  Seems like a good academy, hope you do stick around.


    Welcome Chris. Feel free to jump into discussions at any time!

    One-Winged Angel

    That we do, Andy. That we do, to some extent or another. Over the past few years, I’ve kept in contact with Jim (jedidiahknyte), but that’s been about the extent of my involvement with all things and persons “Jedi”. I’ve put myself through a few nightmares, especially in the past year or so, mostly involving relapse into active addiction (you may remember some of my stories about my old bouts with narcotics in the past). This past summer it very literally brought me near to death; since “getting a handle on things” again, I felt something calling me back to the folks and lifestyle that helped me to keep myself clean. Here I be.

    Jax, I seem to remember you from somewhere, although I can’t recall where or when. Meh. Thanks for the welcome.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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