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    Kol Drake

    I was reading comics way back when I was six or seven years old — we are talking 1961/62. Every time my grandfather visited, we’d walk over to the corner store and he’d pull a comic or two out for me. ‘Back then’… they were barely ten cents each. The original Blue Beetle or Magnus, Robot Fighter or Solar, Man of the Atom are the ones I remember. 18 months later and we moved (again) and I ‘found’ a new group of heroes printed by Marvel Comics… Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron-Man, and more. And at the ‘center’ of that universe of flawed, yet lovable bunch of heroes was Stan Lee… waving the flag for all ‘us’ nedy comic reading folk.

    The comic industry rose and fell and rose again. Marvel went from gangbusters to nearly declaring bankruptcy to blockbuster movies. And in all those properties, that Stan the Man would show up and speak a line or two.. .letting ‘us’ in on the secret — we are all heroes in our own stories — with great power comes great responsibilty — never give up — and so much more.

    Mr Lee may be gone from this life but, his imaginative characters will keep sending his message for decades to come. Rest in Peace, Mr. Lee.

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