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    Hi everyone,
    If you’ve logged into this site in the past year, and are an academy student, you should have access to the prior boards where your assignments are posted.

    If you can’t see posts and you should, post here or message me. We have over 400 people who have been a student in the past 13 years so I couldn’t do them all yet.

    Kol Drake

    Took me a little while to get the ‘updated/new’ password worked out but I’m finally logged in.
    Going to go through and see if all my links survived the transfer!


    Please be patient as we are all trying to adjust to the various challenges that covid has presented. Yoshio is unavailable at the moment. I’m swamped in various ways. But we’ll get it figured out before too long.

    <span lang="en">Good morning, is this website completely in English, or is there an alternative in Spanish?
    a greeting</span>

    Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to translate the site. If google translate doesn’t work for you, you can see if anyone can help with translation. We have members who speak many languages, but I’m not sure who speaks spanish fluently. I can send a group email out and ask if that would help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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