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    By now you all have heard about it.  As it stands, anything could happen to me.  Not that we are a deployable unit, but I’m not ruling anything out in light of recent events.

    I will be keeping a close eye on these events.  If you have friends or family stationed in the PACCOM region, I would watch it too.  Especially if they are in Korea.




    (three separate links in cause you just hate the other two news channels ;) )


    If I were to look at North Korea as a country run by sane individuals I’d ask, what the hell?! But Kim Jung Il has never been a sane individual.  And now, with his son set to take over, I don’t doubt this is meant to to propagandized to make him look like a strong military leader, strengthening his power.  Thankfully South Korea is run by sane individuals and they haven’t escalated this into full on war.  I don’t think anyone wants this to go to full on warfare, so this will hopefully remain nothing more than tension for a while. 

    Kol Drake

    Glad Setanaoko put up the BBC news link; it had the best coverage and ‘balanced’ reporting of the incident.

    And, I would argue that putting Fox News as a ‘reliable news source’ is very questionable since Rupert Murdoch’s opinion podium is not considered a viable or reliable news entity.

    Typically, North Korea does some shit like this to get attention when it starts to flag in the international arena.  They will scream and yell and then ‘negotiate’ for more attention and some food past the embargos so their population does not totally starve in the interim since the ruling party has done nothing to help the general population.  As things stand today, the US will not send warships or additional troops to South Korea.  Instead, they will speak with China and China will thwap the screaming nitwits in North Korea… since they are making things ‘look bad’ for their larger ally during a time when China is trying to ‘go global’ in their own economy.

    Hang in there but do not start pulling a Chicken Little routine just yet.


    I am actually stationed in South Korea right now. When we heard about it, we were told the usual stuff and take it by year. Here is the site for the official USFK site.


    Here is the message that Gen. Sharp, the Commanding General released:

    “We have and will continue to closely monitor the situation following the firing into the Northwest Islands.  There have been no additional North Korean attacks overnight. Please continue with your normal activities. I will periodically update you throughout the upcoming days. I am proud of the ROK military for their prompt response in protecting their citizens on Yeongpyeong-Do and have full confidence in the ROK and U.S. military forces who stand ready to deter aggression and defend the Republic of Korea.”
    — GEN Walter L. Sharp, UNC/CFC/USFK Commander

    The way we see it here, if we goto war we are ready, if we arn’t we are still ready.


    I don’t see the US being prepared for more war anywhere as a nation.  As a nation it’s tired and broke.

    That said, China is so heavily invested in the U.S. and dependent upon exports to the U.S. and the west that there is no way they are going to allow their “buddy” North Korea to mess things up.

    How can the U.S. expect to pay back loans made by China if we are in embargo or war?  Might be the biggest brake the U.S. has ever caught in some ways so long as the crazies on all sides don’t go nuclear.  China would have to take sides and right now, politically, they most often side with North Korea over South Korea.

    In a big sense Ronald Reagan didn’t “Tear down this wall” – what happened is that the Cold War moved further East.

    Some thought bringing China into consumerism/materialism and also lining US investor/Big Corp pockets while busting unions and breaking the industrial nation through “globalism” that the threat of this “moved cold war” would lessen.

    Instead – it moved it into money/finance and underground in many ways.

    But in all – China needs the West more than it needs North Korea. 



    But Steven and Setanoko – take care we’re all thinking of all of you over there!


    Today they were talking about how important South Korea is monetarily to China.  North Korea doesn’t do anything for them except provide a buffer between China and US troops stationed in South Korea.  So if it came right down to it, I don’t think China would take North Korea’s side.  But I think all of this interconnectedness is why this won’t blow up because no one, except North Korea, wants war.  And honestly, I don’t know that North Korea wants war so much as a show of power that they can spin into more propaganda.

    Stay safe out there!


    North Korea is willing to throw punches at South Korea whenever it gets a chance, but they aren’t completely stupid. They will not openly attack United States forces because they know that would mean instant retaliation. They might do it on accident, though, which would be terrible for all sides.

    I think that may be the reason for the US military’s move today: http://www.npr.org/2010/11/23/131556642/u-s-carrier-heads-for-wargames-in-korean-waters

    A similar reaction occurred after the sinking of that S. Korean ship by a torpedo almost a year ago. It seems to work, but not in the long term. The N. Koreans will not intentionally fire on anything belonging to the US.


    North Korea is stepping down threats and opening the possibility of deescalating nukes.  I would like to applaud their leadership for realizing how volatile things are and making concessions.  There are plenty of other things going wrong with north korea, i think people should take notice when things go right. 



    Almost shocking, but a welcome turn of events.

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