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    Ah, it’s too bad, would have loved to have you in Denver. Keep looking! :-)

    Do you read physical books or ebooks at night?


    We’d be right in your neighborhood too. Cherrycreek or brook or something… southeastish.

    Standard paper backs. I haven’t found an e-paper interface I like yet.

    I look forward to Ready Player One in theaters. I’m curious how they do the At3mis reveal, Kol. Going to an arcade called Ground Kontrol this weekend for our anniversary, look forward to playing some of those old school games in their natural environment.


    Jax tagging me in the new Jedi Groups FB page nudged me; I guess it’s time for my seasonal lurk around the forum. 😆

    I’m in an in-between transition mode. Realizing I haven’t been stretching, squatting, pushup-ing, breathing, awareness-ing as much as I should. I’ve never really been much for masturbatory exercise (not a critique, everyone has their them-thing.) but mobility is associated with basic hygiene to me. I can’t expect to keep clean unless I take time to clean myself. I can’t expect to keep moving unless I take time to move myself. I can’t expect a moment to stop and breathe unless I set time aside to pause myself. I can’t expect to kick the seasonal habits unless I consciously check whether I’m hungry for sustenance or peckish for sweets. Holiday allowances and expectation are behind, a new year is ahead. I may have have bouldering in my life now, so that’s fun. I have a friend who’s invited me to go bouldering once and seems interested in making it a trend so after some finance shifts I may accommodate. I have a friend, that’s a new development too. I also still have the gift certificate for a parkour school that expires in April.

    I’ll probably start up school this year, start working toward an associates degree with a focus toward programming. In self-study I intend to focus on physics and chemistry. In online research and discussion I hope to get more experience on public issues. The minimum wadge is what I’m looking at at the moment. Assuming that consumption is the pump that causes resources to circulate, how isn’t it considered responsible to set a basis for our workforce margins so they can spend via their own discretion? Preliminary questions, I’m early in my research. They say the most qualified people for public service are those who don’t want to do it; doesn’t it follow that those who want to serve publicly don’t want to do it for the public? I guess the the recent election left me with the impression that too many expect a world, or at least a society, that is ethical, reasonable, and reciprocal to their priorities while assuming others will shoulder the weight of that responsibility. I, myself, am included in this ass-u-me composition. In addition to my other endeavors I may look into attending public events and getting more familiar with the nuances of public issues.

    I’ve had a growing sense of cynicism in myself. It’s easy to blame 2016 for all the bad things that happened, gravity for knocking things over, weather for making things cold… all the intangible things to blame for bitterness. That’s been my outlook through the holiday season and it hasn’t left with it.Using the Jedi/Force vernacular fear and anger have been nagging at me. In August my parent stopped talking to me and I’ve so far abided (abode? The dude abides.) by their wish to stew in their anger and passive aggression. There is a lot of history behind this, allowing a precedent of gesturing over backwards and taking blame for their negative emotions. To preserve the relationship so they don’t have to face past demons. The kids were too close to the snowball this time so a line had to be drawn. I wonder if that’s subconsciously why I’ve been playing Fallout 4 lately, a game of various forces and interests trying to make a living in a post-apocalyptic world. Desolation and violence. Contemplation about getting a gun. Musing that it’s too bad I don’t hate anyone because it would feel good to kick out someone’s kneecap and punch them in their kneeling face. Just passive thoughts but as Abraham Maslow said, “If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” It’s no wonder that for some people their tool box is wielded more like an arsenal. Hopefully that I’m comfortable with putting this private narrative to the inter’verse for the first time it means that I’m coming to terms with it.

    In September and October my wife and I didn’t get the jobs we applied for; I’ve been in my role for 6 years and Caitlin 3 years and it seemed like we were pretty close to that sort of transition so now that it feels possible we’re both pretty anxious. I’ve applied for another role too just last week. My “mind” section is the result of this anxiety. These opportunity haven’t arised (arosen? Have yet to arise?) but I’m not sure I would want the roles proposed. I feel like I have the capacity to solve problems bigger than people interfacing with computers. I will likely change my paradigm, allow opportunities in a new direction. The only way to find a new breed of opportunities is to stand up and move; take a gander at the landscape from a new perspective.

    Huh, wrote more than I meant to and more than I usually do. Happy New Year everybody!


    I understand. it’s a time of change. Give this short podcast a listen and see if it helps you both find a path forward.

    Kol Drake
    “If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”

    Which is why you should go for a sonic screwdriver…

    Oh, yes. Harmless is just the word. That’s why I like it! Doesn’t kill, doesn’t wound, doesn’t maim. But I’ll tell you what it does do. It is very good at opening doors.

    Maybe the Doctor has the right of it. Take away the hammer (or lightsaber) and see how your mind expands to compensate by looking at new opportunities as anything BUT another ‘nail’.


    Fewf… barely made it back to journal in less than a year. How about that Last Jedi movie, eh!? I’d put money down on people walking back their pissy reviews when IX comes out… time will tell though. 😆

    I did parkour in March, it was pretty fun and felt like I was learning practical moving skills within a workout. I hope to do it for a longer period next year. I did Keto (fat based diet) with intermittent fasting from May 6th to early September; I had more consistent energy throughout the day which is the main reason I started, I lost 20 lbs, almost no flatulence, and my acne cleared up. It was a pretty interesting and counter-intuitive experience I’ll probably give it another go next year. I gained back 5lbs when I let lose of my habits while visiting New Zealand in late Nov. Then, of course, holidays pick up right after that so I’ve been eating compulsively without much physical counter so I’m up another 5lbs. I started intermittent fasting again yesterday; only eating between ~12 and ~7.

    I’m still stretching my major muscles with the usual yoda poses in the evening and some mornings. I try to take the initiative and do more bridges lately… they’re the most uncomfortable hold I do. I have a tent pole in the kitchen I use to do squats with lifting posture while waiting for things to cook, I’ll start using it again when holidays pass and schedule normalcy resumes. Pull-ups, push-ups, dips, planks, and leg raises have been done irregularly, I hope to step up my habits there. The real test is whether I’ll use my new jump rope on a regular basis. Long boring repetition isn’t my bag. I can sit still breathing 15 minutes easy but when moving my monkey mind works over drive to convince me I’m wasting my time. The struggle is real.

    I bought Jedi Compass at some point last year, I’m not sure what I expected but I recall not getting much while “thumbing” through the digital copy. I also watched American Jedi this last Sunday; the context interviews made it better than expected. It would have been pretty flat without. I recall giving Jedi Living a shot in February some time; Opie definitely runs a different manner of ship. I like his world betterment through self betterment mantra and they seem pretty active but obviously my senses are more drawn to self-assigned hoops.

    I got a chance to teach myself programming at my work in August. I don’t recall what my focus was between March and August… Parkour and reading about ketosis I suppose. As well as following whatever news and entertainment. I installed Linux on my Microsoft Surface in October, an initial step for more programming and freeing up money spent on Adobe product subscriptions next year. Around that time I also came up with a musical notation that doesn’t need blank music paper. I’ve also started using Google Calendar again, trying to organize my life.while coordinating with the wife’s.

    This hodgepodge of stuff along with my sexagecimal dating notation and the Everlast notebook my wife got me for Christmas are setting me up pretty well to embark on a curriculum of music, chemistry, and programming this year. I’ve already started the chemistry.

    Spirits have been generally neutral to positive over the past year, as I recall, so that’s good. Reflecting I think I’ve gotten more sociable… opening up a bit, talking to people more. Something I hope organization and notation will help with further, knowing what I’m up to and generally being less of a cluster-pluck gives me more bandwidth to try paying attention to others. Written out-loud it sounds like I’ve been selfish… but it’s like how bravery tends to be another word for stupidity because both mean doing something when you are, or should, feel afraid while doing it. Confidence and selfishness both mean doing something when you are, or should, feel estranged while doing it.

    Anyway, I started CERT this year but the going is slow since I’ve missed so many of the meetings. I want to make a point of donating blood more often and I hope to start working on my family’s water and food stores this year. That’s where I plan to start my charitability; direct disaster preparedness. I’d jump on the opportunity for first aid training too. I still haven’t sorted out what my social priorities are regarding where to periodically donate other resources.

    My parent and I are still radio silent short of some passive aggressive stuff they put on social media. They had a falling out with my sister and step-sister too. The bitterness and disappointment nags at me less; I’m not sure if I’ve thought myself into a self-justified ease or if I’ve actually moved on. I like to think it’s the latter but my wife periodically dropping articles on me describing the behavior of narcissistic parents makes it hard to think there’s a mutual exclusion between the two. It helps to have a name to handily box up complex situations. We’ll see what the next year brings.

    New Zealand was a fantastic place. The Hobbiton set is the most picturesque place I’ve ever been. Learning of the excursion in February prompted me to get a $400 DSLR camera and now that I used it pretty extensively I’ve been having to figure out how to share my pictures online because people want to see them. I’d like to see them too, actually. The places were interesting but more than that the atmosphere of visiting another country was the most fascinating part. Everything from how phrases were laid out to the buttons on toilets; buttons! Wahh?! And birds are a complete dicks in a place virtually devoid of mammalian predators; literally fighting in the streets and stealing food from people’s plates. The places we went could do with more cats. It was a surreal experience.

    Anyway, that’s about all I have for a general time-capsule, as this has turned into. Until next time!


    thanks for the update. Sounds like an interesting year. I love New Zealand, but only got to visit parts of Christchurch. I look forward to visiting again and seeing the mountains and Hobbit set as well.

    Connor has done quite a bit with Keto, if you wanted to compare notes.

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