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    I’m going through the motions of the introductory PDF. It’s mostly an open ended exercise for myself to see where I stand and which direction my intentions and reasoning end up pointing me.


    Introduction – Force Studies

    A – Physical Intuitive: 19
    B – Emotional Intuitive: 35
    C – Mental Intuitive: 41
    D – Spiritual intuitive: 25

    I agree with the scores via the subsequent descriptions per intuition. For the mental questions I came in at 5xOften, 4xSometimes, and 4xRarely and the much of the description is practically dead on. Drilling resources for information to investigate, understand, and potentially assimilate knowledge into my own psychological simulation of the world has become a past time of mine. I’m usually my harshest critic… but that’s mainly because in incidents where others criticize me I need to reflect and investigate to understand what they saw before I can give an honest explanation or apology. Something else that’s interesting is that the emotional intuitive explanation pretty well describes the relationship I have with my wife; even if I’m not exactly sure if emotion would be her primary or secondary landing if she took the test. I’ll attempt the mental and emotional meditations over the course of the next couple days.


    I started my own Intro Thread over in the right area. I have access now. 😆

    I started a jump roping routine this morning using the couch to 5k model as a guide. Unfortunately I got up too late to make it to the ~20 mins, it’s a start though.

    Physical Training –
    1min jumping rope, 90sec walking break: 0525-0540

    Mental Training –
    Driving/Spanish: 0740-0800 (I’ve been doing this off and on for a couple weeks already)

    Finds of the Day –
    Oregon has 6.8% Spanish speaking population, 0.58% German, 0.51% Russian, 0.5% Chinese, 0.3% French, 0.29% Japanese&Korean, 0.12% Arabic, 0.09% Persian and Hindi -1-


    20120322 – Thur

    Physical Training –

    Mental Training –
    [li]Spanish in the car: ~35 minutes. Turned it off on the way home because I wasn’t concentrating.[/li]
    [li]I started the introductory packet from the beginning to take notes and do some research this time; IJRS Library, Wookiepedia, and Wikipedia mostly. I made it back to where I was then started turning the intuit meditations into a progression I can memorize.[/li]

    Spiritual Training –
    [li]6mins Mental Intuit Meditation, Notes:[/li]
    [li]**I tried the Mental Intuitive meditation this morning using the mp3 with drums and couldn’t seem to get into it. I think I’ll need to memorize a simpler version of the meditation journey so I can explore my way towards the creation of the essential atmospheres and feelings. I don’t sense through verbal description very well… I’ve always been the kid who says the craziest and grossest stuff because of the way it affects other people.[/li]

    Emotional Training –


    Friday – 20120323

    I got up to late to do my jump roping before my shower, so I picked Convict Conditioning back up:

    Full Pushups: Progression – 2×20
    Head Bridges: Beginner – 2×8
    Close Squats: Progression – 2×20
    Flat Straight Leg Raises: Progression – 2×20


    Saturday – 20120324

    Mental Training –
    Meditation Practice – 0550-0630, notes in my Introduction exercise thread.
    Working on the Introduction Packed. On the final stages setting up for the Communications exercises, working on the Leadership Exercise, and contemplating my PLP.


    Note: The Living Journal is Here

    Sunday – 20120401
    130min Jedi Studies
    ~2hr reading & course work
    ~10min Meditation 101 Ex 1

    Saturday – 20120330
    20min Jedi Studies
    ~20min Meditation 101 Ex 1 & 2

    Friday – 20120329
    13 min – Physical Fitness
    Jump Rope – 3×1.5 minute, 3×1.5 minute pacing/walking, 2×1 minute, 2x 1 minute pacing/walking –

    [li]Completed all of the introductory exercises and submitted the link for my PLP for review.[/li]
    [li]Emailed fellow secular individual I came across at this volunteer link to see what he has in mind. Approaching cautiously in case there are anterior motives.[/li]

    Wednesday – 20120328
    13 min – Physical Fitness
    Jump Rope – 4×1 minute, 2×1.5 minute. 1.5 minute pacing in between each.

    Sunday – 20120325
    9 min – Physical Fitness
    40sec wall hand stand – 5x2ft wrist roller car battery, not sure the weight. This is to help get my wrists up to par with my arms for doing the wall stand
    10×2 half pull-ups
    60sec jumping rope. It was a bad idea to do this after doing other work outs, I couldn’t continue.

    15 min – Jedi Based Learning
    Love Bubble Meditation


    Note: The Living Journal is Here

    Sunday – 20120407

    Saturday – 20120407
    14.50min – Physical Fitness
    3x90s Jump Rope + 2x120s Pacing
    8 minutes sledge-hammer progression

    Friday – 20120406

    Thursday – 20120405
    3 hours – Jedi Studies
    ~3 hours throughout the day reading and writing down notes for my Force 101 homework.
    ~5 mins Meditation 101 Exercise 2

    Wednesday – 20120404
    27 min – Physical Fitness
    4×1.5 minute jump rope, 3×2 min pacing
    15 mins Meditation 101 Exercise 1 & Exercise 2


    * Got up late, daughter woke up before I could finish.
    * Point of most strain has shifted from my breathing to my inner foot bone behind the big toe. It feels like a good thing though, a sign that my body is adapting to the workout regimen.
    * I’ll probably start my dexterity work out Friday after jump roping. Extending the endurance limits of my heart and lungs is my paramount focus right now.
    * I need to make a point of doing the meditation tonight.

    Tuesday – 20120403
    2 hour – Jedi Studies
    Research Exercise 1 for Force 101 is going well, I don’t want to write up and finish prematurely though, these are deep stories to explore.
    Writing for Exercise 1 of Personal 101 is nearly finished, stayed up a little too late though

    Monday – 20120402
    18min Physical Fitness
    2×1.5min & 4×1.25min jump roping, 5x2min pacing

    10min – Jedi Studies
    Meditation 101 Ex1 & 2


    Sunday – 20120414
    30 min – Physical Fitness
    Went swimming with the family for 1.5 hours. I didn’t think I did much, maybe ~six laps of the pool and played ball with the exchange students, but I’m sore today so it did something.

    Saturday – 20120414
    Friday – 02120413
    Thursday – 02120412

    I meant to do the sledge hammer work out but Thursday but I honestly can’t remember why I didn’t or what I did. Thursday night we started hosting an Austrian exchange student temporarily because his host family had a death in the family and would be out of the country for a month or more. This weekend has been a blur and I didn’t have a chance to do any Jedi studies and I’m still a bit wiped out from staying up too late multiple nights.

    Wednesday – 20120411
    13 min – Jedi Studies
    ForceS 101 – 3 min Focus on the Navy Square
    [li]I decided to just focus on a 2.5″ Navy Blue square of origami paper I stuck to the wall. I figure that the shape didn’t matter, let me know if my assumption is wrong.[/li]
    [li]I did this at about 0510 right after getting up.[/li]
    [li]I looked at the square focusing on observing it for 3 minutes. I didn’t have issues focusing like I did with the black circle in a green square but I did get an inverse after-image in my vision depending on how I was situated toward the square and how long I looked at it. It like I could see a white square shadow imposed behind it. I figure that doesn’t mean anything, just some kind of optical occurrence in how my brain was translating what I saw. I was able to keep my mind more focused… I generally felt pretty good, calm, and open when I got up.[/li]
    Med 101 – 10 min mindfulness meditation
    [li]Right after focusing on the little square I did my meditation, closing my eyes and focusing on my breath. I thought I did pretty good. I ignored the itches, tightness in my joints which need a good pop if I hold them still for too long, and the cat except for one point when she pawed me with a clawed paw. I had to rub sleepies from my eye at one point, I couldn’t ignore that. But I kept track of my breath for almost the whole time and used the darkness of vision to keep my focus off of the various awarenesses and discomforts. Monkey mind was not my issue this morning… monkey body was.[/li]
    22.75 min – Physical Fitness
    5min warm up, dynamic stretching
    90s jump rope, 5x75s jump rope, 5x120s pacing

    Tuesday – 20120410

    Monday – 20120409
    10.5 min – Jedi Studies
    ForceS 101 – Focus on the black dot for 3 min
    [li]I colored a black dot on green origami paper with a Black Sharpy and stuck it to the wall. I was able to look at it for 3 minutes without looking away but I had to blink often as the black on green was doing weird things to my eyes. I’m not sure if I was looking past the dot or pulling back to see the sheet of paper but I had issues keeping my eyes focused on the dot.[/li]
    [li]I lost track of my breathing a couple times as my mind began to wander, think of what I would say here, the meditation I was about to do, or wondering what people were watching down stairs; that sort of thing.[/li]
    Meditation 101 – 7.5 min mindfulness meditation – I did these in the evening and my daughter interrupted.
    [li]I did better at tracking my breathing than I did with the black dot, but my eyes were closed and I was focusing on breathing and controlling my thoughts. I fidgeted quite a bit and peeked at the clock from time to time. I’m not sure why I was so anxious.[/li]


    This week is going to be a wash. With two exchange students in the house the energy of the household has completely shifted and I’m finding that my priorities have shifted to exploring and developing technical projects. Mainly turning the TV computer into a gaming rig for us all to play on in addition to being there to play videos. I’m getting more interested in reading about AMP programming again and I’m contemplating testing the waters for writing mobile game reviews.

    This is a good charge of energy for me, I think, but I look forward to getting back to my meditation and cardio when the Austrian heads to his new host family.

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