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    hello all,

    I will post my bio as it stands at my new personal blog:

    (I will attempt to make this as short and as painless as possible) I am a shadow. I have been everywhere… It all began when I was 12. I was exposed to Star Wars (original trilogy). My favorite characters were those of the Sith path. The third episode of Star Wars was in the dawning of creation on the movie screens, so I stole to my computer where I researched the Sith and my favorite plotter, Lord Sidious. I became obsessed with the thought of being powerful and understanding forces out of my reach at the time. So, I found a Sith cult online headed by a man whose name escapes me… started with an H, but that’s not important. What IS important is that I was a part of it. A member of that cult’s name was Wakan Logus. That’s important for later. I left Christianity (which I was brought up with) at this point.

    So, these guys were obsessed with destroying the Jedi. Which was NOT my goal. I was trying to find myself. So… I left. The owner of that cult locked me out of the group. I got frustrated and went to Jedi.org. I became a Jedi. I studied there and at the Jedi Realist academy and at the Force Academy. I then turned 14. (I was 13 when I left the first cult). So, at this point I was told that I would be better off as a Sith. So, I began a LONG phase of transitional periods… I switched back and forth for a LONG time…

    I trained at various places. I got through rough courses and progressed quickly. I was told I had talent. I even invented my own type of Force Path, Ahzway. But that failed… So, I went off to study on my own. I went to live with my family in East Texas for a summer, where I lived out in the wild west… pretty much alone. They left me alone. I turned 15. At this point, I understood what I wanted. I became a Sith again. I came back and trained for about 6 months online. I worked through Sithism.com (which closed) and other Seti related websites. Phoenix, you may remember Gradium Kildreth, or SithKilders, or some related stuff from Sithism or the temple. Idk, you said you had relations with Seti. I worked hard. So hard, I had to get away from the darkness. I was almost engulfed. I went to the Jedi Sanctuary and took a new name… Riddle Nox. The mystery of the night… I became a loner. I was still a Sith. But, I was drifting away from the evils inside of me. It wasn’t me… it was just my lust for power. I didn’t want to hurt people (which is what all the other Sith wanted to do… at least at this site, they didn’t believe in the hell-hole philosophy where Sith were required to worship the darkness. I was finally out of a dark chasm that I didn’t belong in. I started to see what I hadn’t seen before, Sith and Jedi working TOGETHER (actually… that is a lie, I did practice at Force Followers United for a while, before it was called as such under Hannigan’s teachings). At this point, I remet Wakan Logus. He was the same as he always was. Cultlike… etc. I was 16. He told me he could teach me everything, so I let him. But after three months, he tried to take me back down the hole. I left.

    I then met Atlas. He took me under his wing, but I escaped his Solar Philosophy, which was the unification of the Sith… they were… not good people. At this point, I went soul searching. I couldn’t decide what my path was… so I planned to leave the Force. But, I was so instilled in its teachings… and its life. I had to relax and choose. I had to decide what I wanted and what I needed to do about my life. It was time for me to make my last life changing decision which was such a whirl-wind prospect that I wasn’t fully prepared myself for what was to occur.

    I became a Christian Shadow Jedi. A warrior of the shadow. It is interesting, it takes both Light and Darkness to make a shadow. Without one, we have bright, without the other, we have night. I left my status as a Sith and adopted the title of Shadow Knight. I skipped the shadow beginner phase (because I was… well… haha…  already well-versed in the force). This happened in June, the same month that I turned 17. Which it is now July… so I am one month into it. I am very sure my path has been chosen well. For me… I have had some hard times. But, I got over it and started over. And, I didn’t lose any of my knowledge. What I had known, I still do. And, I am still very power driven. But, I am not dark… I don’t worship the dark, I use my emotions to my advantage, but I don’t let them use me. All of that independent Shadow Stuff you always hear about. And, I don’t like labels, I think most people are shadow and don’t know it, but that is JUST me. You don’t have to even worry about that statement, but it allows you to enter my frame of mind. Seti was a great influence to me, but so was my former master Jedi Argonis. They both have similar views of balance.

    And yes, I do believe I have earned the title of Knight. I worked hard and I understand the importance of the title, and I also recognize, I am WAYY to young to be a Master. I don’t have enough LIFE experience. Nonetheless, I strive to mastership of myself. You know? Because then, I will be a Shadow Master. But, I think… since the path is so personal, I am going to become a Shadow Shaman. Just alone. But, that won’t happen for a long time. Funny how this stuff ends… with plans. Because then it’s not REALLY ending, it’s just opening a different pathway. People who are atheist, they don’t make plans… (I can say this, because I was there… but if you believe in the Force, you are NOT an atheist, it’s impossible to BOTH Codes (Jedi and Sith)), and those people just die… they don’t go anywhere, they purposefully don’t make any plans. So they are who truly end. We don’t.

    So, I am going to stop now. My story is just beginning… I have a lot to look forward to, and I am glad I will get to share it with you. I am going to make a blog and use this as the first post. So, goodbye for now. I will be around. Remember, I like to make my point, back it up, and leave it. I don’t make much commentary. My high school physics teacher told me once… learn the LEAST amount possible to get you the most information. LONG-winded and pointless posts, while they look good, will NOT suffice for me. So, believe in that, and we will get along fine.

    -Riddle Nox.

    -Shadow Knight.

    SOOOOO, in short… I am not necessarily looking for ranking training, just to be a part of another community, you see?


    Just realize that your ranking doesn’t carry over here, as our standards would not be the same as the standards by which you were knighted.  It is not personal, we just have high standards that have many requirements that even the faculty are still working on. ;-)

    That said, I don’t think there’s any real hang up on ranks here, and everyone is treated with respect.  We enjoy different viewpoints and simply ask that everyone do their best to communicate effectively and share common courtesy and respect. :-)

    I look forward to seeing you jump into discussions as you are able!  Welcome.


    Oh! I apologize. You must understand, that introduction was written as a standard for all my greetings to any website (it was carefully formulated to work so I didn’t have to explain my life story EVERYTIME I went somewhere). I have no intention of even BEING a rank here. (well… that’s a lie, through my training it might inadvertently happen so I can further myself with higher level classes an such). But, it isn’t my focus. I know what I have earned, and online rankings matter nothing to me. In my life, I am a Shadow Knight. On here, you can put me as whatever you like.

    I will gladly join in as fast as I can!


    No problem, just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.  Our focus is on training and improvement, not ranks.  That’s why the only categories you see here are so it’s easier to tell who is an instructor.  You have access to the intro course, so jump on in with that whenever you want. :-)

    Magdelene Nashira

    Welcome!  :yoda


    Howdy!!! Good to see you over here!

    Welcome Aboard!!



    Thank you for the warm welcomes, I will begin my class promptly.

    David Pierce

    Yes, Welcome.  I enjoyed reading your intro.  Truly when one has an open mind and is willing to learn, they will find them selves on many paths all at once.  I hope you enjoy the people here.  I know I have, in that they have been the most intelligent, respectful, wise group of people I have come across on the net. I hope you enjoy the meditation 101 workbook, I know I did.

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