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    I am currently working on a new film idea, and I just kinda wanted to see how people would respond.
    It is a film noir, in black and whit (possibly silent) with music from Velvet Underground playing throughout.
    It’s about a femme fatale who is given an assignment to assassinate someone from her past, she refuses so the bad guy sends in someone else to take car of her and the original target.
    Any thoughts?
    May The Force Be With Us All


    Okay….I LOVE silent film…and right behind that Film Noir.  (I almost hate to admit it but I have about 1200 DVD’s in my collection.  I have to make movie watching on my time…so!…LOL!  I also belong to a couple good movie sites and we have a discussion on Tuesday nights if you’re ever interested.)

    I think it sounds REALLY interesting!  Do you have much in the way of Silent Film to watch to get some ideas about that form of acting?  Many of the silent films are not exerpted or shown on YouTube.  It’s a great way to take in some of the best of the best…  Really a beautiful art form – silent film – and INTERNATIONAL due to their being a universal language of pantomime and emotion rather than dialogue…

    Fascinating idea!

    -Asta Sophi

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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