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    Welcome Kai-an, aka Katie to the faculty. She’s taking over communication and helping with Creed while Phoenix heads off to chiropractic school. I’ll let her introduce herself, but almost all of us have spent time with her offline at gatherings and respect her intelligence, wisdom, and ability to communicate in challenging situations. :-)


    Hello everyone, thanks for the warm welcome!

    I’m Katie Mock, or Kai-An Tatok. I joined the Jedi community at the Force Academy waaay back in 2004 (after my empathic abilities bloomed abruptly and I came looking for assistance), and have been training ever since. I joined the IJRS first in 2006 or 7, back when it was JEDI, and the JEDI Academy at moodle, where I taught Mediation 101 for over a year. I trained here sporadically throughout my college education until 2012 when I moved to training mostly offline, starting with Chicago Jedi, where I apprenticed under Angelus Calen for three years. In the middle of that I moved back to California, where I started California Jedi, an independent offline and online training group that, if I may say so, is super rad. Check out our site if you’re curious, we publish a lot of excellent articles and training material (californiajedi.org). I was knighted in the Federation and in California Jedi in 2015, and have been involved in developing California Jedi (and to a smaller extent, the Jedi Federation) ever since.

    Outside of my community history, I’m a tremendous language and sci-fi/fantasy nerd. My path has focused largely on diplomacy, meditation, emotional development and intelligence, and empathic ability (for which I have recently written a course that I’d love to test-drive on anyone that’s interested!) I like to debate honorably but ferociously, edit cool stuff (which is what I am lucky enough to do for a living), and read anything I can get my hands on. I’m married to a lovely Jedi-Adjacent atheist, have two cats, and live in Berkeley, CA.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions about me, my specialties, or anything you need help with or hit me up to chat whenever. I’m so pleased to be back here properly and working with you all!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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