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    This forum area evolves as we do.  With so much discussion and interest in the environment and emergency preparedness, would you like a board to discuss it in rather than it ending up wherever it ends up?  What about other boards/topics?

    Please share your suggested board names here. Thanks!


    Emergency Prep Will be a fantastic Board to have up. and it should also have a seasonal component. IE it’s now summer… or it’s hot enough to be considered to be summer.
    My household prep consists of:
    72 bottles(500 ml) water
    x2 full propane tanks(bbq)
    x2 First aid kits
    x4 flashlights
    Rations for 4 days
    food for dogs/cats  1 month supply
    Emerg vehicle fuel x1 25 l jerry
    fully charged comms equipment(cells, FRS radios Veh mounted CB) Laptop w. Net stick

    The list goes on but these are some of the basics that we have on hand at any given time especially if we suffer power outages like the eastern seaboard did a few years ago… and that’s just the household… we also have a camper that has a similar load less the pet food and comms kit(easily transferable in case of a bug out and We keep a full tank of Water unless we are moving)


    If you were to have an emergency prep board, where would you expect it to be? A sub-board of Living the Jedi way, or of science and technology? Or perhaps health and fitness? Or a new name for a category that includes environmental concerns.  I’m just not sure how to bundle things together at the moment so I draw on the collective wisdom here. :-)

    Kol Drake

    Since it can easily range beyond ‘what to pack’ to areas such as ‘how to live’ or ‘philosophy’ or ‘how to have fun while skinning a lizard’, I suppose it could be an entity unto itself under ‘Survival’ or ‘After the Death Star’ or something.    The “Emergency Preparedness and Beyond” might work pretty well I suppose.



    Jedi Action Planet Earth

    Yeah!!!! :welcome


    Together we form jedi planet! 

    Hey why not use that as the main category. Then it is fun and includes all of this ! Hehe

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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