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    Kol Drake

    I know inari is really blue under her Jedi roots so this one reminded me of her…

    All kidding aside, this is something I always hate to read about… technology/big business destroying cultures, ‘ways of life’ which have been around for centuries and trashing the landscape for all the plants and animals which thrive otherwise — all in the name of making an ‘easy buck’.



    Just a note that not all companies are going this route anymore.  There are energy companies that are being ethical in their business practices.  If we could just get everyone to do that…I mean, do we need to tear up everything?  It’s so short sighted and frustrating that our world seems to run like this.  I wonder how long it’ll take to get our world to take a long view.

    Kol Drake

    Yes, it is a wish all would be more ‘earth minded’… but even in the US, there are companies that take expediency over ethics.

    As noted in the National Geographic article linked below, chopping the top off mountains in the Appalachian area has been going on ‘sight unseen’ by the general public for a couple of decades now.  Even this year, folks are trying to stop coal mining companies from slicing off mountain tops and trashing what, in some cases, was pretty pristine part of the woodlands. 



    Way too many companies still not looking at cleaner, smarter solutions instead of fast cash.

    I know inari is really blue under her Jedi roots so this one reminded of her…


    Completely aside, a Na’vi would make a great Jedi.

    Jax, is there any possibility of bias in your comment (regarding ethical energy companies). It’s OK if there is, you do have to sleep at night.


    Not bias, knowledge.  BP is a great example of the horrible ones, and I’ve seen many examples myself of how horrible mining is on the environment.  But I also see how some companies have made big changes so they minimize their impact on the environment.  Their reasoning may not have been what we want, but they learned the hard way that it’s good business to follow safety rules and actually go above what the government requires.  I don’t care if they made the choice because it improved profitability, as the companies get younger and more environmentally aware the reasons for continuing safety and environment standards are more in line for why I would do it. 

    And I’d argue that there’s bias in thinking all energy companies are destroying the environment for short term profit.  That’s what I thought until I learned more.  I don’t know what all the companies do, I only know what my company does.  And unlike other companies I’ve worked for where they sound good until you work there, I haven’t seen contradictions.  I know individuals may not buy in, but that’s true in all companies.  The culture of the company is one where these people either follow by the rules or they will face consequences.  It’s actually pretty handy to have big government fines and high clean up costs for spills because it encourages those stubborn folks that don’t understand why the environment matters.  In time there will be fewer people who need monetary encouragement to do the right thing, but until then I don’t think it’s helpful to lump all companies together and ignore the ones doing the right thing. 

    I’ll admit I don’t know if mining can be done in an environmentally responsible manner. But they really need to do better.  It would help if governments enforced regulations, created regulations that made a difference, etc. 

    Kol Drake

    heh… got to admit, inari is right — the Nav’i would make for some good Jedi.

    Not sure how many 10 foot tall folks are around to paint blue but… would be a fun instance to meet someone blue, with pointy ears and wearing Jedi togs.  After all, all species are connected through the Force.  

    :chewie :yoda :jawa :ewok :obiwan


    Look far enough in the universe and I’m sure we’d find some. ;-)

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