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    Some of you know that I am from Nashville.  As such, I keep tabs on it.

    If there are any problems with me posting this, please feel free to remove the post.

    “The Jedi Way” also known as Coelescere Covenant, has started up it’s first relief fund, and it is to help the victims of Nashville.

    Posted at Coelescere Covenant wrote:
    Our operations staff is currently preparing relief for the people who have been stricken at Nashville TN by the recent flooding.

    People who can donate time and effort should post here.

    People who are not in a position to donate time and effort can support by donating to Coelescere either by check or paypal. However, please clearly write on the check in the Memo section “Nashville Relief Effort” so that we know that it should not go into the general fund. 100% of any donation will go to the relief effort. Other operational costs will be borne by the Coelescere operational funds.

    If you are paying by paypal please send an email to jedi@thejediway.com giving your donation confirmation number and amount and tell us that the donation goes to the Nashville Relief Effort.

    If you wish to donate to the Coelescere General fund to support the costs of getting the Jedi/stuff where it needs to go simply donate on the donate button or send a check. No special identifier is necessary.

    Our paypal account is jedi@thejediway.com

    And if you are looking to send checks:

    The Jedi Way (or Coelescere Covenant)
    PO BOX 5442
    Lincoln NE 68505-5442

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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