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    James Windu

    Hello, i am James Miller, but my Jedi name is James Windu because Mace Windu was my favorite fictional Jedi. It might sound a bit RPGer but i made it a long time ago and the name kinda stuck, and im not one for different identities  :P. here is some basic info about me.

    Im 18 years old
    Im in the United States Air Force
    Im stationed in Germany but my home is Lebanon, Pennsylvania
    Im a High Knight on the council at RJK(and yes i know my rank does not carry over, i would be disappointed if it did)
    My interists are Astronomy, video games, sports, Jedi training, Learning everything i can, girls, politics, music, movies, Youtube, , and peace..
    i am either aithiest or agnostic depending on the day  :P
    My favorite sports teams are The Dallas Cowboys, the Chicago Cubs, the Boston Celtics, and if im forced by my grandma to watch Nascar, i root for Jeff Gordon.
    i believe that i am best at visions and martial arts when it comes to jedi skills.
    I enjoy rpg games more than any other..MMO’s are also a lot of fun
    i am an amateur astronomer and really want that to be my profession in the future
    i believe my purpose in this life is to help bring world peace, if even just another step another step.
    i am an orange belt in isshinryu style karate
    And now, my jed history

    It all started about 4 years ago, when my friend forced me to watch the star wars episodes. i was skeptical because i always thought it was nerdy and lame. After i finished watching all of them, i was inspired to become a real Jedi. I saw something in the Jedi that i have never seen before in my life. i saw people who cared about others before themselves and i saw a group who will stop at nothing to bring peace to the galaxy. i did not know about the Jedi realists and i went to the only thing i knew that i could live my fantasies on, Runescape. runescape is a MMORPG for the younger crowed and has poor graphics compared to its competitors, but i still was into it and i began my search for a Jedi clan. i found one and joined up.

    The day after I joined, I went to my first clan meeting. It was so cool to see so many “jedi” all talking about the clan and how to make it better, I was very happy. But near the end of the meeting, the leader had to go and the co leader said that he is the new leader. It seemed odd to me so I asked if the leader said it was ok, and he said it was. He began creating his new order when the leader logged back on. I told him what happened and he seemed very upset. He told me that he was going into exile and he was giving up. I rounded up a few loyal Jedi and went to find him. We found him on a deserted town on the edge of the map, and I convinced him to create a new order. I become the co leader and after a few weeks our leader became inactive so I became the leader. I was a Jedi on runescape for about 2 years when I decided that this really wasn’t getting me to far. I was a master teaching everyone, but I was hardly even at a youngling level. I began my search of finding Jedi realists. After being disappointed by a few jedism sites, I found the real Jedi knights, A group of people who thought the jedi way more of a lifestyle than a religion.

    I was so happy that I joined right away and learned a lot. I quickly rose in the ranks and found myself being a padawan under one of the most decorated masters at the order, Kai Stormwalker. After my short padawanship was over I became a knight and started trying to make the order better as much as I could. The RJK is a great starting point, but it has some real troubles internally, like the leader, Mi-Zhe Fu. He is power hungry and would rather ban someone from the forms than present his case to them. He feels that he is always right and the rjk really seemed to be a lot like a dictatorship. I stood up for what I believed in and he refused to give me the mediocre knight teachings. Even with all this trouble, I still learned a lot from rjk and from my friends there and took advice and lessons whenever and wherever I could find them. Then it was time for me to go to basic training for the air force. I learned a lot at basic training that helped in my jedi path, as I expected. They drilled ideals into our heads, the ideals where very much like some of the jedi ideals and I was glad. I learned so much in basic and though it was tough, im glad I went. At my tech school I was able to find internet and go back to my official jedi training. I wrote many articles about what I had learned and what I was thinking about, and I eventually became a council member at RJK.

    As my jedi training progressed, It occurred to me that the rank and teaching standards of the rjk where very low. I have a goal to be the best jedi I can be so I can someday make a real physical jedi order that can help the world. so right as I was searching for my next padawan, I myself began searching for a master, and I found Talon. Silver talon only just began training me, but I have learned so much already and am eager to learn more. After a discussion with him he told me about this academy, and I feel in love at first sight with this place, such wisdom and organization and professionalism in this order. It is something I am not used to seeing.
    I come here today in hopes that I can learn how to be the best Jedi I can be. I will do this by taking all the knowledge you have to give, and adding it to what I already have, so that one day I can achieve my goal. I think you for this opportunity, and I cant wait till April 11th!


    Well Mr. James Windu! I underestimated you!

    So let me start over:  :welcome to the Institute for Jedi Realist Studies.  I hope you find everything you need around the site; and Talon is an excellent instructor and mentor! So if you have any questions about the site I have no doubt he will be able to help you out.

    I think I should explain that first statement.  I really liked what you posted about Peace.  I asked those questions because  I just wanted to understand where you were coming from with your thoughts (noticing you were part of the RJK).  Because I once trained there too, I was a little biased…ok VERY biased.  So please forgive my ignorance. 

    I look forward to training with you further :meditate


    Welcome and GO AIR FORCE! lol, just had to say that. I’m an Army brat and if I had to chose between the armed forces I would go with the Air Force. Again welcome. See you around!

    Magdelene Nashira

    Hello and welcome!  :welcome


    Welcome James.  I apologize for not replying earlier, my life has been more busy than I can describe.  I do hope you continue to post.  Your thread on peace was interesting, and one of these days I’ll have time to reply intelligently.  :-)


    Army’s better :P, lol.  Welcome aboard James, good to see you’ve come over to IJRS :).

    May the Force be with you,
    Setanaoko Mizu Oceana


    But you know the Marine Corps is better than everyone else combined, so there! ;-)

    Beral Khan

    Thank you James for serving your country. many of us here are current or former military from a variety of branches.

    I am honored to be among the students here and look forward to talks and debates with you in the future.

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