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    I jsut came across this and thought it would be worth to share. :meditate



    A good reminder!


    Very useful. So much of our society today is based on acquiring things that will make you better (though this idea of better is usually sexier and hotter), smarter, quicker, richer. Everything is geared towards buying the quick fix. Wear this brand and X will happen…..one of the big reasons I decided to not pursue a career in advertising despite my masters degree. I didn’t want to sell people cr@p they didn’t need. I think we get so used to this idea of looking outside ourselves for answers, even if the answers are not what we want (i.e. enlightenment vs. sexier body). I know that I have been consuming commercials since I was a small child who watched far too much tv. Somewhere that programming had to take effect ya know? So when my focus shifted towards finding enlightenment and improving myself, well of course I was going to look for something outside of myself. What I found “outside of myself” was websites and groups like IJRS which helped me look inside myself.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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