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    Who is your mirror?


    My children.


    My mother.


    I don’t understand the question.

    Nicolae MacGregor


    As of right now, I have seen the brilliance in Descartes I think therefore I am. I add to this a deeper level, I feel therefore I am or I experience therefore I am. To me, to see myself as myself is hard enough, to see myself reflected in something else? I guess for me, my mirror would be the world outside of myself. It seems to be so full of mysteries, and so distant, yet it is far more connected than I would ever realize. At the same time, it seems to be quite backward from the way I am, yet in many ways it is exactly the same as I am. Also, in theory, the world I know is merely the compilation and replication of sensation that occurs “outside” of me that is reproduced by an organ that I know of as my brain, so in reality, the world as I know it takes place inside of my skull, and therefore is quite literally the same as I am. To see myself reflected in something… I would say a sparrow. So adventurous, never worrying, free, and not quite what I am now, but what I hope to be someday.

    I guess I didn’t really know what you wanted for an answer, but I just went with it…


    I’m the mirror of the Force, and a reflection of you…just our only difference is what we percieve¬† in our minds..



    I love seeing how people interpret this question… I interpreted it as something that shows you who you really are and lets you see your own faults… somehow my mom is good at showing me that without being degrading or mean. It’s a good tool, if a little hard to face sometimes.

    Jedi Lawhead

    I would say you are therefor you think/feel. Your existence does not require you to understand or even try to understand it. You are, we all are. Never ending, we are one. Existence is constant, even change is static if viewed from the highest scale. My mirror is existence, there is no seperation, all that is exists within.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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