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    Ok, I don’t know if this subject is actually relative to anything that you guys talk about in this section, but a friend and I are digging around in some stuff…That’s all I’m going to say about that right now, except that this subject does pertain to another subject that Jedi would find interesting at some point, and may possibly find themselves in service to humanity on a very large scale-if this digging around project pans out to be something concrete.

    My problem is… I need a scientist to explain what this data says in layman’s terms.

    So, any scientist out there (*ahem*), would you please take a look at this page and explain it in plain english for us non-scientists out here? Please, please, pretty please! With a cherry on top?!  ;D



    First glance, I would need to read more to get context.  I’ll try to look at it tonight and give my explanation…not that it’ll be right.  lol


    For a very short answer, it looks to be describing how the gulf stream waters contribute to the formation and cessation of ice ages. I’d like to see more information than just this page, but it seems to be suggesting to me that the melting of the ice sheets is part of a normal glaciation cycle. I’ve seen the bit about ‘preglacial’ conditions before, the ‘freshening of the Nordic sea’ could occur if the Greenland ice sheets melt quickly and will essentially turn off the gulf stream. It’s not a new idea, wasn’t there a movie where something like that happened and New York froze over or something like that?

    I’d be interested in hearing more about your and your friends ideas.

    It’s not a new idea, wasn’t there a movie where something like that happened and New York froze over or something like that?

    Yeah, there was. It was called “Day After Tomorrow” or something like that. The kids have that movie. The main character in that movie always reminded me of Aslyn in some weird way. Go figure. Anyways…

    Yeah, I understand what the linked page is demonstrating, but, I guess what I need is a legend to the symbols in that page. See, this is something that sort of goes along with a theory that my best friend has, but, for me, I like to have other information that makes a theory more concrete. Another person involved NEEDS to understand this page. Now, I get the basic gist of scientific data pages, but I do not know how to explain it to her in plain english. So, I was hoping one of you talented scientifically minded individuals could do that.

    See, there’s three parts to this theory. Amazingly enough, they all converge on that infamous date of 12/21/2012. We’re working out possible outcomes and scenarios and then basically, we’re putting together a survival plan… And before any skeptics jump in and say I am crazy and just another nutjob from a militia… It’s not like that. What we are looking at is different from just about every other group out there and their ideas for the future.

    Plus, if nothing happens, then woo hoo! We’ll still be totally self-sufficient and off the grid anyway!  :yoda

    Still, thanks, folks.

    Kol Drake

    Future scenerio —

    Entire world holds breathe for the day of 12/21/2012…

    Day passes peacefully…

    Entire world exhales on the 22nd….

    Mass exhilations blow butterflies about making them beat their wings furiously…

    Extreme ‘butterfly effect’ whips up massive quantities of hurricanes…

    World re-panics when delayed ‘end of world’ ends and all start digging for another ‘doomsday scenerio’ to worry about.


    Well if this IS an end of the world thing, then there really isn’t much to worry about honestly.  I mean think about Y2k that was another one where people thought we wouldn’t get to see another day…but seriously.

    It was interesting, there was a post by Neale Donald Walsh on this not to long ago in a bullieten, I’ll have to pull it up.  Basically he said we create the realities we live in and if we focus on something like the end of the world then it will happen. 

    Anyways, I really believe that something like 2012 will not be the end of the world, but rather a beginning.  I believe it will be the end of spiritual deprivation, and people will begin to live and work in more holistic of lifestyles, now how that would happen…i have no idea.


    Ok, let me see if I follow this.  What you’re really wondering is if there is evidence to support the majority of glaciars melting by 2012, creating flooding and other weather events? 

    Realize that there is no way to predict anything that precisely, so I would caution against using too specific a date.  Look at larger trends, as the date isn’t that important.  Yes, the glaciars are melting.  Yes, that will cause sea level to rise.  In addition, the influx of fresh water into the oceas due to the arctic regions melting creates numerous other problems, the details of which I forgot.  But will it magically happen 12/21?  No, as these things take more time than that. 

    As for your survival plans, you’re quite inland.  The problem won’t be sea level rises for you (like it would for us eek! lol), instead it is the change in weather patterns that are very hard to predict.  Right now, everything we predict comes from models.  Models are inherently flawed and are limited by what we already know.  We really don’t know.  You can prepare for contingencies, just don’t count on them.  I mean that positively and negatively.  Don’t count on only a few options happening, but don’t worry about anything having to happen.  Your individual experience is up to you, as Phoenix stated. 

    I’ll see if I get anything from this, but it really depends on what you’re asking, and what specific part you’re confused about.  Is it the glacial cycles?  Or is it more that measurements that they are using to argue which part of the cycle we’re in?  They don’t really explain their charts well, so it’s not easy to determine.  My recommendation is to go to another source. 


    :D  No…nope…LOL!

    Never Mind, Folks.

    Thanks to everyone that tried to help. I do appreciate it. But, let me say, I do not believe that this is the “end of the world” and I do not buy into doomsday scenarios. That is not what this “theory” is about.

    Jax, thanks for taking the time to look at the page for me. You were a bit closer to what I was looking for, but, since I cannot seem to word the question correctly, I think I led you on to analyze the wrong ideas.  :D

    Basically, all I needed was an explanation of that page. For good or ill, whether it was worthy or not, I needed someone to put it in plain English for someone else. Apparently, that person speaks pseudo-scientific-english. LOL!

    Anyways, never mind, and thanks! I’ll find a better source.


    If you’re just looking for more on the glaciation cycles, there is a lot of information out there.  Oh, dig around in google scholar as well, since that searches scholarly texts.  If you want to just pm me with your thoughts, I’m sure we can figure out what you’re looking for.  :-)

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