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    Last week during free comic book day there were a few role players out and about.  Having never met a role player I had no idea what to say. “Hi, I’m a real Jedi” lol  I’m sure this situation will happen again so I’d like to know how you have introduced yourself to role players without sounding like a jackass. :-) 


    rofl! :D 

    You know – we do yet have quite a few role-players here in the Jedi Online Community (those who like to dress as Jedi) and although I don’t get the draw outside of certain activities – I think some people express themselves in ways of portrayal. 

    I guess it’s like some who paint in expression, or write possible RPG or fiction, or in other ways create a sort of art or performance towards the Jedi. 

    The Jedi Path is so different – it’s so everyday – that it isn’t an expression – it’s the striving and study, feeling, of our every day.

    I guess I’d just appreciate that form of art?


    I get that, what I mean is there are people here in Houston who are purely role players.  I tried to contact a few on meetup to see if they were interested in learning about realism and didn’t hear back.  So then to run into one person in the comic book shop it felt weird, like I knew something he didn’t.  I know people have met others at conventions and such, so how do you bring up the topic of realism, especially if you aren’t in costume?



    You know – now that you mention it – I have the same dilemna when I meet Star Wars Fans…  (A lot of pilots are Star Wars and Star Trek fans for some reason)… 

    I just go along with the fun, and sometimes discussions can begin.  They maybe have the feeling for the Jedi in their hearts – but not to follow the Path?  Or – they never considered it?

    Truly – I think the Jedi has to come to the Path – and not the Path to someone hoping they may be a Jedi? 

    ***But I haven’t given it a ton of though – I admit. :redface


    I hadn’t either, until I was faced with it.  He didn’t approach me, so it would have been me approaching him and I didn’t know what to say so didn’t.  plus I was in a hurry.  But I may go to comicpalooza at the end of the month which will have many people in costume. :-)


    People make different choices and have different interests.  Many fans aren’t interested in deeper activities, but some are.  And even if you get them to join up with you they may be disappointed when they finally realize that you really meant it was going to be hard work, instead of cool showing off.  But it’s always worth having a conversation and seeing if there’s any interest.  I think the best way to approach it would be to make sure he understands that you recognize the validity of his own choices even though you may not make the same choices.  My suggestion would be to approach and compliment him on the things he’s done well, “That’s a great costume!  Did you make it yourself?”   See where the conversation leads, but find some chances to express that you have a different sort of interest in the Jedi, “I was never drawn to the costuming myself, but I’ve been deeply effected by the philosophy.”  If he doesn’t bite on that, you can still continue the conversation in areas where you do share interests.  But if he does show that he also has an interest in the philosophy, you can go a little deeper, “I even have a group that gets together from time to time to study the philosophy and train in some of the disciplines.”  If he seems intersted in your group, you might also want to warn him, “We don’t really do much costuming or lightsaber fighting in our group, but it does seem like you would fit in with our group.”


    That’s quite helpful. :-)  I’ll try to keep that in mind. 

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