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    Having joined this site, I decided to meditate more than usual, I had been doing it about once a week for the last 35 years, unfortunately this has had a very bad effect, I seem to have opened myself up to some very bad feelings which I think could come from another person its hard to tell, all I know is they are not my feelings, I stopped meditating and got these feelings under controll after a few days, and I am back to normal now, and back to meditating once a week, has any one else had a similar experience?


    It sounds like you need to learn shielding.  Meditation does not need to open up your shields unless you want it to.  There are many ways to shield, the easiest is to simply build a bubble around you.  Make sure there are no holes, especially behind you or at your head or feet which are easily missed.  Add any properties you feel are useful.  Most of the time a two way mirror affect is enough – allowing your energy out but reflecting others back at them.  You can do other fun things, like add knives that spin around.  I’m fond of making it like an electric field that shocks anyone trying to get in, or imbuing it with wolves – though these are only when dealing with an attack, not just random energy I’m picking up.  I just mention it for an idea.  :-)  Try out a basic bubble, if you still have trouble just ask.  Plenty of people with experience here to give you pointers.  :meditate


    Thanks Jax that’s very helpfull.


    Just throwing this out there.  Shields up, by all means, but one thing I’m learning about meditation is that when you do it you’re giving your mind a chance to process emotions and recollections and accumulated whatchamacallits that have been stuffed away in there.  Detoxing, in a way, or spring cleaning if you prefer.  And sometimes in the processing those emotions and recollections and accumulated whatchawhosits come out in a barely recognizable, or completely UNrecognizable, form.  Me, I’ve had an unusual amount of irritability and anger coming to the surface in the past few weeks, since I’ve begun a daily meditation practice — meh, I suppose giving up a 30-year smoking habit might have a bit to do with it too — but it’s just part of the process, clearing out some junk that’s been gathering dust in the attic.  I can haul ’em out into the light, examine ’em, then let ’em go, and as long as I don’t choose to act on any destructive impulses it’s normal and healthy.

    I have no way of knowing whether that’s what’s going on in your case, Pete, but don’t be surprised if you encounter some things you don’t recognize popping up to the surface.


    I know there is a post similar to this on empathy somewhere on this site.  If you go to search and type in that word or shielding, something should pop up.  That might help a bit. 

    To piggyback off of what Jax said, I dealt with emotions that weren’t mine either.  Its common for empathetic people and for the spiritually intuitive.  My recommendation is also the shield, but to also do the chakra cleanse.  This can confirm that the energy your feeling isn’t yours, and if some of it is, it helps to clear it out like Atticus mentioned.  Sheilding is a great technique to learn though and is only limited by your imagination.  I started out with rotating knives as well, but then moved to a more personal level of rotating water(as I resonate well with this element) and to stay connected to my thought form which is the tree of life.  This helps in two ways.  It helps me stay grounded and provides a stronger shield because I resonate with these ideals.  Just some more thoughts…

    Personally I’ve been dealing with off energy myself the past few days; and its possible you are just picking up on a grander scale what many people are feeling, in which case; it becomes a matter of just shielding and letting the emotions continuously go until the feelings pass.  Sometimes that’s days or weeks, but usually not much longer than that. 


    Magdelene Nashira

    Something that I believe to be true is that we all have our dark side.  I can relate to what Atticus is saying about when you let your mind go it will often bring up thoughts that we didn’t know we even had.  It may not seem to be you because we tend to block our dark thoughts when we are in our normal thought mode, through the day.  Personally I think it’s a mistake to try to chase out our dark thoughts because there really is no way for them to just vanish.  What I would suggest is to use this as information.  Use it as a learning tool to further self understanding.  If you learn to understand your own dark side it is less likely to hit you by surprise because you know where your weak spots are.  Then as you continue in the light of understanding that part of yourself, the darkness will eventually fade.  Slowly let the light shine into the darkness.  Learn to understand your baser thoughts, what brought them on, why they are there.  Darkness is born out of fear, so there is usually some type of fear at the root of it when you get to the bottom of it.  Then it is a matter of teaching yourself not to be afraid.  This process takes a long time, but the main thing you need to do is stop the fear.  Don’t fear it, learn from it and learn to comfort yourself about the deeper fears you have.  Another thing I have found is to ask Jesus or my Patron Saint or Guardian Angle to help me understand what it is I’m seeing.  Then you can also ask their protection in case it is something from the outside.  But more likely, it’s something from within bubbling up that has not been allowed to come up in your waking mind.

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