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    canda quisan

    So I’ve been trying to meditate daily but as you know life can get in the way, however I do get in at least one good session every three days. When I do get in these sessions, I feel really sleepy afterwards. Is this normal?


    Hi Canda,

    Firstly, please do not highlight your text. I have moderated your post to make it more readable (i.e. removed the red highlights).

    Could you please provide some more information about how you are meditating. How are you sitting or lying, how long are you meditating for, what time of day, what are you doing for your meditation?




    Yes, the details Inari asked for are important.  Tiredness has many reasons.  You may simply be sleep deprived like most people and need more sleep.  If you are more relaxed following meditation, it can allow that message from your body through – you need more sleep.  Or, you may be burning energy trying to ‘do’ too much in meditation, so you’re using more energy than you gain through meditation.  This would also leave you tired.  Or you could simply need to focus more and not zone out.  It’s hard to tell from what you’ve told us, so when you post more information we may be able to help more.

    Magdelene Nashira

    What I was taught is that if you fall asleep during meditation it means you needed the sleep more than the force inspiration.  Then they taught me that if it happens, not to worry about it or try to attach any meaning to it that isn’t there.  Just let it pass and eventually the meditation will get back where it is supposed to be.  Sometimes having certain expectations of our meditation can block us in more ways than help us.  So personally, I just let it kind of be a free experience.  You might also benefit more from a guided meditation.  You can find these free on youtube if you do a search on the word “meditation”.  There’s a lot on there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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