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    Meditating on Numbers and Emerald Tablets

    Has anyone meditated on numbers?
    Anyone get into the emerald tablets?


    Can you expand on this? Perhaps just share your experiences.


    Gday Jax

    Yes i will, lots of things happened and its hard to explain, i am keen to tell others so will asap, i have never told anyone,i will sound strange
    i am a freaky guy ;-) but i think here it will be understood so am keen to tell

    i did numbers 3 to 9
    i had best results if i imagined i was a ball of light in the pyramid kings chamber and i would put numbers on the wall
    found many places and would do numbers there too
    each number i would spend a day or two on and i still do em now n then
    i fasted really easily once i started, if you find it easy to fast is a good sign

    number 4 i think shows howto defend ourselves, when i am attacked sleeping my reaction is to do light meditation and think of number 4,then i go places that i found doing numbers meditation, i think some places show you what to do, the tree of life i sit under makes the bad dudes go away, i imagine the sohar so they can see it too eh eh

    i want to show you guys how i protect myself asap, i am still a kitten (but i will roar soon) so its basic stuff atm
    i want you to know about an important plant, its a tree called Moringa oleifera, get the powder to make tea and put in cooking,i will explain more about moringa later
    helps gets rid of negative dudes, trust me on this, order asap

    and i want to show you howto retrieve your stored information from past and future lives
    we can store anything for ALL Time! we do it with symbols, the most important is the candle and spirit (sun)

    our fears must be overcome to shine, and for me weird is all part of the job


    Are you referencing the emerald tablets of thoth?

    I have played with various types of numerology and explored the appearence and importance of numbers in my life. I feel that the most significant numbers I have tracked are those referenced in movies like star wars and TV shows.


    Gday Baru

    yes the emerald tablets of thoth
    i reckon Aliens teach us by thought impulses, thats where star wars and star trek come from
    lots of inventions come from sci fi tv shows too
    i would like to see what you got out of star wars!


    Gday Jax

    i havnt had time to expand on this until now,here is a quick rundown on Amenti
    i am free of Amenti,i found many other places too
    Amenti starts as a blue lit room, its lit by a crystal pyramid on a square box, the crystal pyramid is about 1.3 feet high,the box about 3 feet high and a bit wider than the pyramid
    just behind me on a wall is the flower of life
    later other things show up
    on my left against the wall the 7 Lords sometimes sit, a small opening (tube) goes to a room bellow Amenti, (more on that later)
    next to them (on the right of the 7 Lords) hidden by a partition (as seen from my perspective in front of the flower of life) is the tree of life, on the tree are 32 blue beings (the fruit), i can put my light under the tree = 33
    when i sit under the tree i can see the blue pyramid crystal through a gap in the partition and get answers too questions
    the tree looks a lot like a myrr tree
    in front of the Seven Lords is a big 5 point star on the ground, if i stand at the tip of the 5 point star a big pointy golden hat forms above my head
    three of the forces activate, Amenti is in the 9th dimension
    i can also activate the 4 forces and that creates a big circular shield i can place over anything
    as its the 9th dimension the 5 point star has The Creations powers ;-)

    The 32 have been in my head, beautiful blue lights come down and put something in my head (explain later) beautiful lights that speak wisdom
    The 7 Lords have spoken to me so do the 32,they teach me howto defend myself as needed, the trident and the SA are some of the symbols they show me, glowing gold in my head, the SA is Egyptian, the SS symbol enlivens your spirit (more on that asap) they show me howto clear my brain,spirit,body and surroundings etc.. and much more, i can vibrate parts of my brain and my spirit,body. Its quite freaky some other thangs hard to explain

    Thats a quick rundown of Amenti , i was Thoth,fairdinkum and i Love you Jax and co, i will show you howto protect and teach yourself certain thangs
    its so amazing looking at your work and seeing how you know things drawn from your spirit, i know what to look for

    Its The light side turn to rule since december 2012 and they know we are coming
    The Jedi where/are real. You just dont have a saber yet eh eh (also need to be conscious of old knowledge)
    Peter (Thoth) Soper
    also known as the cleaner or healer OR The Fracker!
    to be strong consider having a look at futureofmankind.co.uk and study the spirit lessons then contact notes
    The Jedi are like the Atlantis police/army and it will be old knowledge u know but good to bring it to the fore (make it conscious not just sub-conscious)
    I LOVE ALL The Jedi, you will evolve fast with the spirit lessons and meditations!!
    (i might do a painting but it could interfere so not sure yet) i found Amenti doing the numbers meditation but found other places first, #3 in the pyramid is howto start, #3 is tricky, if nothing happens study the Jedi code and as i mention in this post, 77you need to be a good spirit (not an angel though,i am no angel, i smoked pot and drank and swore at the time) and Strong, main thing to know freaky is a part of the job too so u need to know that77 futureofmankind.co.uk made me strong

    You wont find a description of Amenti anywhere, i also found Shambhala (another post)
    I am 99% sure the Seven Lords names are incorrect in the emerald tablets, i will post ASAP the real names

    Ask your spirit for what you want ;)
    1. B) NEVER Worship ANYTHING, NEVER! B)
    dont pray to the 7 Lords, you dont need too
    2. B) NEVER Worship ANYTHING, NEVER! B)
    dont pray to the 7 Lords, you dont need too
    3. B) NEVER Worship ANYTHING, NEVER! B)

    Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas write/wrote thangs beamed into their heads by the Plejaren et’s, i am not joking, star wars is history, star trek our future

    My cat was handy too, get a cat if you dont have one i reckon

    :stars Can anyone here make crystals smaller than 1nm, different shapes, platonic solids and some of the snowflake designs? i need a partner for a business or 2
    if so what crystal type/s? what sizes? :stars


    Reverence and Venerability is the Primal Force for All Knowledge

    e.g. when we have Reverence and Venerability for something and dont fear it, we will understand it
    when we understand something we overcome

    pass on to the other Jedi sites


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