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    One of the things I’m beginning to learn now is that I need to work on Mediation. 

    So that we can have this……… ;D

    Instead of this……………….. :fight

    So what are some suggestions for working on mediation? OR better yet, was is it? Why is it criticial to have as a Jedi? How can the Force be influential and an added bonus to a Jedi who uses mediation?

    These are some of the things I ponder and many more…

    Silver Talon

    Mediation is the process through which a neutral third party acts as a facilitator to allow two parties to come to a mutually agreed upon decision. The role of the mediator is to facilitate the communication between the parties whether by leading the discussion in problems where the two parties can stand to be in the same room; or to convey messages and clarify the issues between two parties that need to be separated.

    Active Listening skills are of the utmost importance as well as the ability to remain neutral.


    I would think it requires a disproportionate amount of insight into human behavior and psychology as well, which helps you remain neutral (instead of yelling, what the ____ is wrong with you!) and in helping package messages in a way that is received by each person. 

    Magdelene Nashira

    Something I’ve learned recently about my meditation is that when I don’t want to do it, subconsciously it is because of the constant battle I have with chronic pain.  The days I lay off are usually days I’m in pain and when I try to meditate when I’m in pain I often can’t settle down.  So I’m going to try using that to develop a meditation technique to meditate through pain using what Streen has taught me about pain.  You basically allow the pain to be there.  Embrace the pain.  Then I’m going to try envisioning the pain flowing out of me.


    Hey Mags, I think you meant to reply to the meditation thread, not mediation.  It’s a pity the words are so similar, it makes it too easy to misread.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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