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    On this day of your life
    Jackie, I believe God wants you to know…

    … that Life is on your side, you live in a friendly universe
    and all will work out in the end.

    You may be facing a challenge right now,
    or perhaps an important question you’ve been pondering,
    but you’re not facing this alone. You can ask God for help.
    You, too, can have a conversation with God. I promise.

    So just take a breath right now and ask God
    to tell you exactly what you need to hear.
    Then…listen. Carefully.

    – Neal Donald Walsch

    Most people don’t think that the Universe has their back. At best they don’t think about it at all. At worst they view the Universe as the enemy conspiring against them. But that’s simply not true. However, holding those thoughts will only allow you to see where it matches your belief, so you will not experience what it’s like to have the Universe supporting you. It’s that whole, your focus determines your reality thing. ;-)

    I challenge you to ask the Universe (or Force, whichever resonates more with you) to show you how it has your back today. Ask this every day, then see what shows up. You will find yourself having more things to post in the Gratitude thread and the Contribution thread, so I better see some posts in those areas this week. ;-)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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