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    Matsun Ismaren

    Introduction Courses:
    Topic: Force

    I have completed the Force Training that is outlined in the Introductory courses workbook. I did the intuitive quiz and recorded my scores which are as follows:

    -Physical: 27
    -Emotional: 39
    -Mental: 28
    -Spiritual: 23

    I can say that I relate to some of the aspects of the emotional intuitive person, however I always thought I was more mental. I feel that I am more mental because I rarely address things with emotion and i always observe things from a logical standpoint. I can understand it because I can usually pick up on when someone is bothered or mad or something, but I always counted that towards my studies. I am majoring in psychology (which is a very logical based way of dealing with emotions and mental disorders) and I have spent many years learning how to read micro-expressions. I can ready an expression on someones face that is only there for fractions of a second and often times really small and be able to know if they are feeling a certain way or trying to conceal their emotions (which is often linked to deceit). I will have to put more thought to this to really grasp why my scores turned out the way the did.

    As for the meditation portion, I have never really did meditation until recently. I learned it from my therapist who is helping me manage with my symptoms of PTSD. What I noticed while going through the meditation was that my physical pain subsided, my mental anxieties and troubles calmed and became quiet, and I felt a connection with God (I am a believer in the Christian faith). What I can honestly say is that I am going to practice this more often to become better at it and use it to my advantage to help me with my struggle and studies.

    Kol Drake

    1 – Remember, over time (short and long), those numbers can change… bringing one or more of those attributes ‘to the fore’ depending on conditions, etc.

    2 – You may very well ‘be’ mainly mental. I have found that the more ‘mental’ I become, the more ‘in check’ the emotional becomes… and then some song or line from a movie or goofy ‘moment’ will bring tears to my eyes. It is the emotional ‘side’ making up for all that suppression. So, yes, you may primarily ‘run’ on mental aspects BUT, the emotional stuff is still there…

    Nice write up, thank you.

    Matsun Ismaren


    I will keep that in mind thank you. I saw that it said they have the potential of shifting between them, but I wasn’t sure to what extent that it would change. Thank you for the input and the compliment, I genuinely appreciate all feedback.


    Welcome at the Introduction Course!
    First off, is there a reason why You posted your work here at the “Training Journals” Area and not down at the Training Area under the “Introductory Course” thread?
    If not and if You don’t mind, I would push it over to this thread.

    As for your assignment, many thanks for sharing your results with us and for expanding on how You feel about them.
    The Emotional Intuitive and the Mental Intuitive are somewhat linked to each other and therefore it is not a big surprise that You feel one way but the test result turned out another way. I feel that Kol Drake put it right with is number two. As Mental people we tend to suppress our emotions or maybe better said, do our best to explain and define them in a logical way. For me it had been and still is a difficult path to accept and balance this side of me, the Emotional Intuitive.
    If You so want, You can do the meditation of the Mental Intuitive as well and see what it does hold for You.
    Till then I will wait for your reply and as said above, if it is okay with You, I will push your thread over to the according section of the board.

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