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    Just a FYI…  :r2top

    Anyone in the South East Michigan Area who would like to get some basic training in martial arts (Isshinryu, Jujitsu, and Thai Kickboxing) FREE OF CHARGE,  Please feel free to contact me via this forum or in a PM.  I train with some friends on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s and we would welcome some new people to share our martial arts experiences with.  Some things we will cover are basic ground and stand up defenses and other various self defense related drills as well as MMA style fighting drills.


    MODS:  If I can’t post this offer please delete it, and rest assured I won’t hold it against you.  :plight


    Wow!  Very nice offer!  I will spread the word among the other Detroit Area Jedi!!!

    -Asta Sophi


    I’d like to offer the same. I have 25+ years of Tai Chi experience and I have taught at St John hospital since 2000. These days I am not teaching anything but workshops, but if any Jedi want to learn the basics of Tai Chi let me know. I teach Yang style Tai Chi and the 24 Form but mostly the basic principles. Soon I will be a Chi Running instructor too and I will be willing to teach Chi Running for Jedi for free also.

    I was also classically trained in meditation while in a Catholic seminary and then studied and practiced Taoist Alchemy here and in Taiwan if anyone wants to learn that. Taoism is an animist religion just like Jediism which is the belief that all things are connected by the same living energy field.

    If your into running I’d love to run with you. I go to Stoney Creek to trail run usually just 6 miles but I am upping it to 10 soon and I also do short runs out there of 2-4 miles. I know the Chi Running basics so I can give you some tips but I am not licensed yet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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