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    OK, it is high time I started a training journal here.  Let’s start with the events of yesterday. 

    Mark as usual had conniption fits over his tuxedo and the music, etc. before the concert.  He conducted and did a very good job.  Will post some audio files here if I can later.  I managed to sort of keep everyone calm through the use of the Force before the concert. During the concert, the energy was, as I said elsewhere, incredible.  The Faure Requiem went especially well – mesmerized the audience to where they couldn’t even applaud afterwards. 

    After the concert (this is the important part) a poorly dressed man with no teeth (who smelled like he hadn’t bathed in days) needed a ride home.  Well, being the Jedi I am, I agreed to take him – but asked a fellow singer (who happens to be a doctor) to go along with me just in case.  The trip was accomplished without incident but he had us stop at a Subway restaurant instead of his house, stating he had not eaten all day.  We each gave him some money to get food, and left.  I hope he gets along all right.  He looked ill, and I was reminded again just how blessed most of us are to have homes and food, and a family who cares about us.  There but for the grace of the Force go I…

    Gotta run for now, but will write more as it occurs. 


    Sounds like a really fun and interesting evening.  I’m glad you didn’t pick up the homeless man alone (I know you know that) because they may look okay…  but well…  many have issues. 

    But the concert sounds wonderful!

    It was really nice of you to help out another much less fortunate. :)


    It was the Jedi thing to do.  I’m just glad I was in the proper place at the proper time for once… :D

    Have been feeling very, very tired of late.  Must be all the work I am doing with damage control.  Need to check my Force connection.  And I think I will stop minimizing storm damage for a while just so I can see what happens.  The verdict here was rather cautious to say the least, and I do not ignore the wisdom of others. 

    I have been meditating while sitting in the car with my Daddy…I have had to help him with his job, doing some of the driving and the paperwork and bookkeeping.  We drive a lot doing installations for Phillips Lifeline.  I have met some really nice people and look forward to helping out some more. 

    One of the ladies we visited was an avid doll collector, as am I.  She and I hit it off very well, and although she was hostile to us when we came in (she had had a bad experience with a Life Alert unit before and thought we were the same guys), by the time we left, she was completely won over.  I credit the Force for that – and good communication skills.  Hopefully Lifeline will arrange some follow up calls with her to make sure she is still satisfied with her unit. 

    I am sending her a doll from my collection this week – am glad it will be going to a good home. 


    I sent the doll from Williamsburg.  Going back into the past was very relaxing and educational.  It was 1773 there and the big topic, of course, was whether or not there was war brewing with Great Britain.  Of course, there was a Cherokee delegation there too to discuss territorial disputes and some such.  We didn’t get to see them.  The general consensus in the area was that we should NOT have a Centralized form of government, since that did not work with England then, and it would not work in the “future”.  Of course, we now do have a centralized government and are in no end of trouble over it…

    Beral and Kol are inspirations to me.  I have either been insanely busy these past two weeks or extremely depressed.  Must be the bipolar, and no Asta, I am no stoic to commit suicide over a disability.  I am, rather, working to overcome it so I can achieve my dream of becoming a clinical hypnotherapist.  Am looking at schools now.  It takes a lot of money, so I am working on attracting it and saving enough to go.  Due to my condition, we shall see how I can go about making this dream a reality.  More on that later. 

    I have been doing some healing and energy work on Neo, and have made some headway but not much.  He is convinced aliens are here among us, and while I  don’t doubt the possibility, I am fairly sure they haven’t contacted ME lately ::) ..we have been working on stilling the voices in his head and he wants to learn how to regenerate and recharge his energy body.  I will teach what I can, while being extremely cautious about boundaries.  More later, as I get time. 


    Hmmmm….  I was speaking to great old age or end of terminal condition as the businessman
    to whom I refered along with explaining my own hang up having been chronically sick this
    last year.  How it is difficult as a Stoic to feel I cannot get a grip on my heath…  Much less
    being able to be fit.

    It is my own thoughts and disappointment in my journal not meant to be for another’s

    Hope that clears up that misunderstanding.

    But thank you for that message.  It has made me realize certain things….


    Thanks, Asta…I realize that everyone’s path is different and the path for one is just as good as that of another. Sorry if I made a miscommunication there.  The energies of June are really getting to me, causing everything to be upside down and backwards – at least more so than usual.  I have GOT to find my center and stay in it, while realizing that each person is going through the same maelstrom this month.  GOT to stay focused, and centered. 


    A lot has happened this month.  Mark, I think, is about to lose his job at RMIC due to the mortgage insurance company going into runoff.  We will know more toward the end of August.  Right now, we are conserving money to pay bills and likely trips will be canceled.  He still wants to go to CT in September but we shall see. 

    Personally, I have been having a lot of back pain and do not understand why.  I have to sleep with a heating pad at night to get relief. 

    In art class, we are making batiks.  Fun!  Mine has a lot of symbols on it, mainly because I can’t draw worth a hoot. 

    We got a new kitten a week ago, named Tigger.  He is 10 weeks old and just as cute as he can be.  Speaking of which, I need to go see how he is doing with Slurpy.  They seem to be getting along. 

    Lesson for now is do not live in fear. 

    Kol Drake

    Slurpy?  lol… Tigger I can understand but…. 
    Oh well, at least you didn’t stick it with “Half Foam Mocha Frappuccino” or some other exotic drink.    :P

    Back pain?
    Could be stressed muscles or not drinking enough water or drinking too much caffinated stuff (coffee or soda) or ‘someone is being a pain in the …. ahem… back’.  Consider some mild Tai Chi / Qi Gong moves which slowly stretch those muscles and for now.. consider alternating hot and cold on the sorest spot.

    I am not a doctor.. but I’ve played one in online fiction writing circles.    ;D


    Remember, your chakras aren’t just in the front of your body.  Is the back pain low? If so, that’s related to your lower chakras which are very affected by fear and insecurity – including financial.  While it may not be the only thing going on, it doesn’t hurt to cleanse the area and continue to release the fear as best you can. 


    Thanks guys. 

    @ Kol: Slurpy was abandoned by his kitty mommy, and we bottle fed him from day one.  He loved slurping down his formula, so that was a tongue-in-cheek name my mom came up with for him (since she thought he was going to the pound once weaned).  We adopted him, and by that time, he had become used to his name.  Ah, well…

    I do Tai Chi but think Qi Gong would be better for the muscle stretches.  Have to work on getting that DVD out and in constant use again. 

    @ Jax – It is more pelvic pain than lower back, although the pain does radiate to the lower and middle back.  I will focus on the chakras in the rear (and yes, Kol, my husband can be a real pain in the (ahem) back).  I am also on a serious lifestyle change with diet and exercise, and latest weigh-in shows I have lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks.  Hooray for veggies and no added sugar or processed foods!  I promise I will get my assignments done ASAP.  Just have had little time to sit of late. 

    I am not so afraid of losing finances or security – as much as I am for Mark’s health.  He is doing much better with his diabetes but I think his cholesterol and triglycerides are up some.  It’s a real tightrope to walk for both of us, making sure he eats healthy food and not too much of it. 

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