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    This is actually useful advice in general for spiritual growth, so I thought I’d post it for those interested.

    Post Shift

    Welcome, dear friends and Lightworkers! You asked for change, you
    asked for Divine Assistance, you asked for enlightenment, you asked
    for remembrance – and now everything is in place and simply awaits
    your acceptance. It is truly a joyous day!

    We know that most of you have felt this shift. Where? In your Sacred
    Heart Center, of course. For many years now the great teachings have
    encouraged humanity to meditate and learn the way to this sacred site
    that exists within the energy bodies of all of you. If you have taken
    the time and learned the way, we honor and celebrate your preparedness
    for what has newly opened in your world.

    If you have not yet found your way and you are beginning to feel like
    you missed the boat – simply let that go. There is always another boat.

    So, rather than delay your awakening any longer, we have some
    suggestions to facilitate your efforts.

    1) Fall in love. Do you remember how you felt the first time you fell
    in love – truly and completely smitten and focused love? That is what
    we are suggesting. The difference is that we are suggesting that you
    fall in love with that same intensity with your own inner being.

    Most humans are not aware that the state of fervent love that
    epitomizes the beginning of a romance is how you are meant to feel
    about your inner being and that this state of exuberance and
    infatuation is meant to continue vibrantly and perpetually.

    And if you feel that you have tried and it didn’t work, we assure you
    that it did work – to the full degree of love that you gave the program!

    And this inward directed love is also the most direct path to your own
    guidance, guides and so much more! At one point the channel asked
    Sarrinn if she were the channel’s inner being. Sarrinn’s answer was,
    ‘Yes, I am that… and so much more. My heart connects with yours and at
    that connection, I am your inner being. And my heart is the doorway to
    more of who I am and more of All That Is. My heart is the connection
    and welcomes your love and your presence whenever you focus and intend.’

    2) Meditate. No amount of meditation is wasted. And whatever way you
    meditate is the correct way – it is your way. As you slide into the
    inner peace that confirms you are successfully meditating, look for
    the energy of sanctuary which lives forever within you all. If you are
    very logical, simply go to your heart chakra and then lift into the
    space which coincides with your thymus gland – your Sacred Heart
    Center is there.

    If your talent is to feel energy, reach your senses out to find the
    source of your love, the music of your soul, the pulsing love that is
    part of all life. It feels like the true source of a great river –
    your Sacred Heart Center is there.

    Or, ride your favorite music, the rhythm of your breath, the alignment
    of mantras or affirmations, the hypnotic motion of your body’s
    movement – ride the energy of what works for you. Meditate!

    3) Understand Balance. Imagine that your energies work like a teeter
    totter. Especially any energies which you believe have opposite or
    mirror partnerships. Examples of what we mean by that are:
    Female/male; lifting/grounding; positive/negative; right/wrong.

    Now consider how much of the time a teeter totter spends in perfect,
    contented balance. Not much! And if it sat in perfect contented
    balance the entire time anyone rode on it, what would be the point?
    The spiritual concept of balancing is meant to be a dynamic, ever
    changing flow.

    As soon as you believe that perfect and constant balance is the reward
    of successful effort, judgment of imbalance kicks in, such as the
    judgment that someone is too left brained, too ungrounded, too
    negative, too rich, too successful or even too positive.

    What if it’s not about being ‘in balance’ but about ‘balancing’? What
    if you enjoy the dance with all its flows between? Do you see how this
    one shift reduces judgment?

    4) Harmony. You will experience harmony in your life when you align
    your mind and your heart. Why? Harmony is a tool of sorts which allows
    communication between head and heart. This communication accesses true

    Think about it. When you are in a purely intellectual flow, how easy
    or difficult is it to access your emotions and how well do you pay
    attention to the messages of your inner being? Intellect loves logic
    and debate. Intellect also tends to override or even ignore the
    messages of the emotions, heart or inner being. Have you ever been in
    a conversation with someone when they were fully in their intellect
    and you were fully in your heart? Chances are, in that experience you
    felt the lack of positive communication quite intensely.

    Likewise, when you are centered in the loving energies of your heart,
    are you well grounded? Is your intellect engaged and ready to
    participate in the day to day logic of your reality?

    Imagine harmony flowing between your mind and your heart. The psychic
    lemniscate (the figure eight symbolizing infinity and positive magic)
    of the magician illustrates the perfect flow that allows the mind and
    the heart to work as partners rather than adversaries.

    How to begin? From the moment where you are, recognize the tool, head
    or heart, which is needed to be here now successfully. Are you engaged
    in an activity (like driving or balancing your bank statement) which
    would benefit from a dominantly intellectual focus? Are you trying to
    make a decision which defies logic and thus would benefit from clear
    emotional communication? As you center in your present moment it will
    be quite simple to enjoy the harmony of moving from your mind’s
    observations and conclusions to your heart’s lovingly intuitive
    guidance and back again.

    5) Remembrance. Do you still have memories of experiences that you
    have not forgiven? Then do so now! Forgiveness – perpetual forgiveness
    – is the key to freedom! To give yourself the gift of loving
    remembrance is exquisite! And after all, everything is God. If you
    hold onto past hurts, you cannot experience the unity of Source as
    fully as you desire. As you forgive the past you open to those past
    experiences being God, too. Soon there is nothing in your life that is
    without purpose.

    Does this mean that all your life memories will suddenly be happy and
    joyful? No. But it does mean that they will no longer feed you
    negativity or affect your present day potential.

    6) Future Self. You all have a future self who ‘gets it’ – every
    single one of you! That future self remembers and loves you deeply.
    Interestingly, your future self lives a very multi-dimensional life
    and also understands that there is no such thing as time as you
    presently observe it. This is important to you because it means that
    your multi-dimensional, timeless future self is available to you today
    – now!

    Do you want access to the wisdom and potential of the future? Are you
    ready to be a full, mindful partner with your fully awake, aware and
    enlightened self? If so, meditate, center yourself in your Sacred
    Heart Center, invite your future self to join you there, invite them
    to work with or even to blend with you now. As you and your future
    self blend, take note of the new energies, ideas, frequencies
    available to you. Be aware that this alignment is one of the tools
    intended for this post-shift era.

    7) No time. Are you ready to relegate your traditional concepts of
    time to the status of ‘organizer’? Are you ready to let time be the
    pure motion that it is? Why is this important? Because in no-time you
    have access to all of creation. In no-time scripts and contracts can
    be rewritten. In no-time you can step through the doorway that
    separates your reality from the All. In no-time, you can only live in
    the moment – the point of pure creation – since no other moment exists.

    8) The Divine Feminine. As you awaken to the truth that you now live
    in a post-shift world, notice what changes have resulted from all this
    work! For instance, time has become a tool of freedom rather than a
    constriction; reality is being manifested consciously and with pure
    intent; critical mass has achieved harmlessness; telepathy and
    intuition have opened to most; and your world has shifted to the
    loving and compassionate energies of the Divine Feminine.

    If you doubt this changing of the guard and wonder what a new
    matriarchal alignment would inspire, probably the most obvious effect
    is the worldwide movement to ‘live green’. This flows from new depths
    of compassion and expanded interest in guaranteeing that the world
    will still be around and healthy for future generations.

    We suggest that you spend some time simply contemplating the
    ramifications of those concepts presented here which speak most
    directly to your heart. Which ones fill you with yearning for the
    successful enjoyment of that paradigm? And even more than all that –
    contemplate who the Divine Feminine – The Goddess – is to you. As you
    think of her, open your heart and allow yourself to feel the pure and
    truly unconditional love that has waited so patiently to be noticed
    and welcomed.

    Your success in this post-shift era will transpire in direct
    proportion to the love you give it. We suggest you give it a lot…


    Sarrinn and The Ancients

    © 2008 Daniele DeVoe


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