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    I read this in my email today and thought it was a great lesson.  It doesn’t matter whether you believe the author channeled this from a squirrel, the lesson is the same.
    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    A Message from Mr. Squirrel

    Are there any power animals who wish to send a message to our readership? Ah, I see you, Mr. Squirrel. What would you like to say?

    Mr. Squirrel speaks: I have a message to pass on. Actually, it’s a gift I wish to share.

    I know my reputation for squirreling away. And of course, it’s good and it’s smart to gather the nuts when they are plentiful and set them aside for other times, when they are scarce. For after all, winter always comes.

    But there are two other things I wish to share with you.

    First, is that the gathering of nuts is just part of what I do. Mostly, I just love to run around and have a lot of fun. I love to jump from bough to bough. And a day never ends without my having played a bit, no matter what.

    The other thing is this. When it’s winter and I need to dig up the nuts I’ve buried so that I may eat them, I’m not bothered by this. I don’t gnash my teeth and complain that I must dip into my store of nuts in order to get by.

    After all, that’s exactly why I saved them, so they would be there when I needed them, not so that I could account for them on a ledger sheet and think better of myself for having stockpiled more than I could ever possibly eat.

    Why would I do that? After all, winter is always followed by spring.

    I hope you enjoyed this change of pace, with a little wisdom from the animals. I’ll be back with Quado next week.

    Love & peace,



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    Love & peace,



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    Magdelene Nashira

    Interesting comparison.  Thanks for sharing that.  The lesson of it comes in a timely manner for me because since my work study job ended I will be getting into my own store of nuts shortly.  Was good to have a reminder that Spring always comes again.  :meditate

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