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    I was thinking today about getting some fish for my room and I came across a nice idea.

    I think we can learn a lot from fish although people might think they are just boring pets.

    Fish go with the flow of the water and generally get to the right place by doing so.

    A lot of people especially now a days tend to go with our own flow and current preventing us from growing to our full potential.

    I think we should be like the fish that go with the flow of the water.

    The water symbolises the Force and the fish sybolises us as humans.

    We should go with the flow of the Force and rise to our full potential.


    That is a good analogy there, to flow with the Force like fish flow with water.  The Buddhist and Taoist teach to be like water and flow, but I can see how if fish go with the flow of a river they avoid hitting rocks and other obstacles along the way, trusting in the water to take them where they need to be.  That is a very good analogy and I see great things coming from you. 


    Thank you friend. I am glad that my analogy impresses you. :)

    I also had the idea of the birds flowing with the wind. There are many different examples comming from nature and it’s flow.

    I am greatful for your comments and I wish you all the best with training here at the IJRS. I have done a little training here myself so if you need anyone to talk to or something just give me a message. :)

    May the Force be with you. :meditate

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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