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    A blogradio show done up by two members of Ashla Knights.  The great thing about it?  Every live Sunday at 4PM Eastern Standard Time, they hold a “Community Chat”.  Which enables spiritual communities to come on and talk about their site.  So far, they have had featured (in order) Real Jedi Knights, Force Academy and Sithist Cabal.  This last episode, however, was slightly different, it was centered around cyberbullying and fake deaths.  I’d love to see IJRS on the show.  It would be good for advertisement and gets your name out there.  Something to keep in mind.

    They also have a show that runs live on Fridays at 10PM Eastern Standard Time.  These are for random guests.  This week is James Wanless, PH.D.  In the past they’re noted as having had featured a professional ghost hunter come on, Joseph E. Donlan, the author of “Ordaining Reality”, and Geoff Haselhurst from SpaceMotion.com.  It’s worth looking into.  If you can’t catch it live, you can catch it later on their website.


    Hope to catch you guys there.  I’ve been known to call in from time to time (lol, despite the hours being a bit crazy for me, in Japan and all :)).

    May the Force be with you,
    Setanaoko Mizu Oceana


    I listened to their podcast, from the Force Scholars site. Perhaps we should contact them and have a chat about the site sometime.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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