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    Here my word press: kajarjediknight.wordpress.com

    I’ve already post the first part of my introduction cours but from now on,I’ll be posting at the both place! Thabks in advanced for helping me and take the time to help me in my training! :)


    Like I’d said before, I am in the middle of my introduction course. I’ve started my reflexion today and I’m about to begin write them down on my word press but before, I’ll do some meditation

    here is my metode of meditation for my first week of training:

    first the time. I like to meditate just before going in bed . For this , I sit down in my bed , leg cross and back strait up. I’m a mentally intuition type( as I say on my word press , before I join the institution, I have already began e little bit of meditation and I was already use the breathing type so I am happy that I’ve found my way before doing this test) so I start breath deeply and focus on a peacfull place with three , birds and watterfalls. I focus on the bublle of good thinking and posiive emotion. I like doing this before going bed for many reason
    First, it help me to going asleep with my head full of peace and calm idea.
    Secondly, it helpe my focus on my training and than respond with an open mind and more wisefully than if I was doing it at the middle of my day.

    After the first attempt, I’ve found it reallt difficult to clean up my mind of everythings outside the peacfully place. I wikl continue my practice. I really like the moment of when I am doing it . For the first week , I keep the meditation for around 5 minutes. I would like to raise the time for the next week or when I will be abble of cleaning up my minds!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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