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    First of my congratulations as well! Good to hear that everything went well and that you both are doing fine!
    As for the rest and having this experience now myself as we got our girl on the 11th of August this year, I fully would like to recommend and second what Kol Drake said. Don’t worry about keeping up with things. Take your time and enjoy it. I’m pretty sure that, although there might be some days feels like never ending, when I’m not looking back it is in a positive way crazy to see how our girl already developed in the past for month and I can only tell You that You don’t want to miss a single day of that for just “keeping up with things”.
    So, all the best for especially the both of you and the rest of your family. Take it easy and enjoy every single day. :meditate


    Congratulations!!! You will find there’s some time, but far less than you expect. lol But the baby is top priority. How is nursing going? If you ever notice discomfort like hard knots or hot spots, get yourself some lecithin asap from a whole foods, sprouts, etc. It saved me from getting mastitis which sucks. My daughter tended to nurse off just one side at a time though, so I think that contributed to the clotting. I’m grateful to have learned of lecithin though, as many people don’t know about it. It’s good and safe.

    I found instagram is finally fun/useful with a kid. lol it’s an easy way to share the little one with friends and family who aren’t local. :-) I take sooooo many pictures. lol But as they get more active, video is key. So I recommend both. This time goes so fast. It’s helpful to have both to look back on later and realize how much things change.

    Kol Drake

    I will have an entry in ‘book reviews’ in a week or so…. but I wanted to highlight something specifically for you and your new arrival. The book is titled, The Mozart Effect. Basically, it speak to decades of research wherein they found that listening to ‘the right music’ can help the body (and mind) in many ways… even so far as to reduce events for epileptics, lower blood pressure, etc. Used ‘experimentally’ in some classrooms in the late 80s/early 90s to find that the kids weren’t as restless and tended to be calmer overall.

    You can find a good ‘4 hours of Mozart Lullaby”. Mozart for Babies…” over on youtube and probably something at a local baby store or, of course, online.

    Of course, you many not be a total fan of Mozart. There are a few other musicians which had pieces which matched Mozart’s style — Brahmas and Beethoven… so you can see what works best. Nothing like a little classical music to improve brain and body power!

    Sad thing is — advertising (and stores and fast food places) tend to use ‘the effect’ in reverse. Instead of calming and improving body/mind, they key music to ‘get you in and out as fast as you can’ (fast food); music that increases heart rates (increased metabolism == need food!); and other manipulative modes. I’m not certain where ‘elevator muzak fits into that schema — but, Imo, it’s mostly to make you twitchy as you ride in a small box hanging by a metal cable several stories above the ground. :-p

    For a better explanation of the Mozart effect, see this paper from 2000 —
    >> The Mozart Effect: A Closer Look. << ***
    Thinking on it… I might have to put a ‘refer to’ post in “raising Jedi kids” too… :cheer:


    You see Kol Drake, the “local” classic radio station here in German has an extra selection of CDs which are called “Classic for babies”. I not yet got one, but I do like the station and it is often plaid when I’m at home.
    As for myself, when my mother had been pregnant with me, she had still be working at the “Salzburger Festspiele” (the big opera thing in Salzburg, Austria, my home town) as a costume tailor and I can say that at least it hasn’t done any harm on me. ;) Actually it is the other way round, I do love Opera and Classic Music! :)

    Kai Sabu, sorry for highjacking your thread. :meditate


    It’s been a LONG time!

    Little guy is now 6.5 months old. I’ve been back to work for three months now, and we’ve found our new normal and have a routine down pretty well. He’s a good sleeper, which helps a LOT! My husband has finished his master’s degree after five long years (a 60-credit program), and that is a huge accomplishment for him and a big relief for us all.

    I’ve been keeping up with my exercise really well, all things considered, and I started Weight Watchers a week and a half ago because I want to get back into my “real clothes” and be able to retire these “temporary” ones. :) It’s going well so far. I’ve always been a calorie-counter in the past, but I needed something that would be simpler and also push me to make healthy choices rather than “spend” my calories on the 240-calorie Snickers bar. I’m feeling good. I’m also back to my self-defense class, which is no longer associated with the Fight Like A Girl by Kym Rock program. It’s now a women’s self-defense program that’s been created by the instructors, but I trust them and feel comfortable sticking with it for my purposes. I don’t see myself needing a belt in a “recognized” program for any reason, so I’m staying the course and will be testing for my next rank soon. I’ve been green for a REALLY long time, what with getting pregnant and having a baby and all. :)

    I just opened up my Integrative Practice Tracker for the first time in about 5 months and I see that my plan would still have me writing a book report, doing 3 more documentary reports, and writing another round of More Love Letters. I want to do the book report and write the More Love Letters, for sure. I may need to reconsider the documentary reports. Or not! I’ll give it some thought.


    Just dropping a little update in here to say that I am still out here, still being Jedi. :) Life changes have happened, as they do in… goodness, 9 months. My husband changed jobs twice, and we had to put our cat to sleep in August and then our dog a few days before Christmas. We flew to Florida in January to see one of my dearest friends, whom I hadn’t seen in 7 years. We got a new dog. My mother-in-law has been re-committed to the mental hospital, after a very scary night of her wandering off into a snowstorm and not being found until the next morning. We remodeled our main bathroom. Little man has learned to walk.

    In regards to my Jedi journey, the frameworks and orientations that I have been working on developing continue to serve me well. I have certainly had opportunities to practice acceptance, faith in the most beneficent outcome, perseverance, vigilance, and patience. As my toddler keeps learning to toddle faster, I think I will be getting lots of practice at those last two!

    I’ve been reading a bit about the Roman Stoics, primarily through the Daily Stoic email subscription. I’ve been chipping away at Aurelius’ Meditations, but it’s slow going these days. I spent a lot of time reading Pat the Bunny and not much time reading my own things, but that’s what audiobooks and this season of life are for. :)

    I hope all here in the community are well. :meditate

    Kol Drake

    Time certainly does fly. Walking already… wow.

    The Stoics and Marcus A. have some super concepts…BUT, with a good squint sideways, you can get some very Yoda-like concepts from Pat the Bunny.

    Glad you have found the Jedi tools useful. Best wishes and continued ‘beneficial outcomes’ in all your endeavors.

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