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    As I come to the end of the Intro Course and have submitted my PLP for review there, I feel ready to start my training journal.

    Yesterday I was off from work, so I began working on my Service hours as a volunteer listener at 7 Cups of Tea, which is a site/app that provides free listening and support to people struggling with various concerns and problems. I worked through the Active Listening Course, completed the automated mock chat, and contacted one of the mentor listeners to arrange for my live mock chat next week. I had been hoping to get some feedback from her before actually serving as a listener, but there were lots of requests coming in at once and they were getting backed up, so I decided to give it a shot.

    The issue that the member wanted to discuss was definitely outside of my realm of experience and comfort level, but the techniques taught in the active listening course helped a lot. Some automated (?) tips also showed up for me in the chat box, which helped. It was a new experience for me to be listening to someone talk about a problem while I was expressly forbidden to give advice, and I found it relieving, in a way, especially since the issue she was having was so foreign to me. :blink: It was difficult at times when the member wanted advice and asked questions that are outside the scope of the site, but I was able to put the training into practice, and she expressed feeling a lot better after half an hour or so of conversation.

    Last evening I attended my self-defense class (Kym Rock’s Fight Like A Girl). I’m currently at green jersey/belt, which is the sixth level in the 10-rank system. There was lots of falling practice for me last night! The instructor had me work on that, and then I got to be the practice dummy to be thrown by the more advanced student, as well. Falling is far from my favorite thing, but I know it’s important and it’s making me tougher. I need to work on not going down like a house of cards when I’m being thrown; I don’t like resisting too much because I don’t want to get hurt, but I also know that my partner needs a more authentic experience, as do I. I also helped to administer the test for a student who was testing for her orange (fourth-level) jersey. She passed. :)


    Just a short hint, although I’m pretty sure You heard it already before, for all the falling thing it is key to keep or get your centre of gravity low. ;)


    It’s been an odd week. I worked last weekend, which always throws my schedule off, and my husband has had a lot going on with work, job interviews, and grad school, which meant I had to fill in the gaps.

    I did get to run a couple of times— on the treadmill, since it’s dark and cold and icy most of the time by the time I get home and I didn’t feel like messing with my YakTrax and knuckle lights and reflective gear and cold-weather clothes. I miss exercise when I don’t get to do it regularly, so I’m looking forward to getting back into my workout routine this weekend. My body doesn’t feel right without it.

    I also wrote notes to the five recipients posted on the More Love Letters website. For some of the stories, I know pretty easily what I want to say, but for some others, I’m at a loss. I pray before writing each letter, asking that I have whatever words of encouragement that person needs to read, and I send my prayers and positive thoughts for them.

    I was supposed to chat with my 7 Cups of Tea mentor, but she did not “show up” for our appointment. I eventually asked another mentor if she would work with me on improving my skills, so we have an appointment this Sunday. I also did three listening chats. It’s hard for me to tell if the people I’m listening to are benefiting from it or not; one complained that I wasn’t replying quickly enough. I’m noticing that many of the guests are from completely different cultures and countries than mine, which can lead to some communication challenges. I’m hopeful that with study and coaching I will be able to improve so I can be a better listener and encourager.

    Something that wasn’t on my PLP, but which I sort of fell into exploring over the last week or two, was Reiki. I had seen it listed as an option under the Healing Treatments category, and I didn’t know much about it, so I started googling out of interest and then started doing some more rigorous research (I’m a librarian, so by training I’m all about those peer-reviewed articles in the medical databases). I was interested to find that there are some scientific studies on rats and bacteria indicating that there does seem to be a measurable benefit from Reiki that cannot be attributed to a placebo effect. Because of my religious beliefs, I am also cautious about getting involved with unknown spiritual entities (my faith tradition believes that there are some things that we humans are not to meddle with, such as communication with the dead, and we are also cautioned not to fall into worshiping angels, as they are fellow creations and servants). I did some investigating into Christian Reiki (http://areikihealer.tripod.com/christianreiki.html was very helpful, as was http://christianreiki.org/), and ultimately decided to borrow a Reiki DVD from my local library. Getting an attunement from a DVD seemed like a bizarre idea, but there were so many convincing Amazon reviews for it that I decided to give it a try, and I do think that it worked. The attunement was definitely a meditative, almost trance-like experience, and I think I can sense the energy flow as I’ve been experimenting with self-treatment. The dog and cat have also gotten to receive some of my early efforts, but they haven’t been very chatty about their experience. I will keep practicing and we will see where it leads.

    Last night was my weekly Fight Like A Girl (FLAG) class. I got to work on my bo staff strikes and blocks for a while. :maul We spent a good portion of class reviewing and practicing pressure points, too. I’ll be helping the teacher to put on a self-defense seminar later this afternoon, which is always fun.


    I haven’t been very diligent lately, so there is not much to say, unfortunately. I’ve been wasting a lot of time, mostly online; my book club is reading a book that doesn’t interest me, and I’ve been finding all sorts of ways to procrastinate on reading that, which somehow also translates into procrastinating on everything else.

    I have been keeping up with my running routine and have been attending my FLAG class. I also connected with my new 7 Cups mentor for a training chat and then a mock chat to make sure that I’m able to translate the training into practice. She was very encouraging and complimentary, which was good to hear. Unfortunately, I haven’t sat down to do any real listening since then. I should have some opportunities this coming week in the evenings.

    I’m also planning to write my next batch of More Love Letters this weekend, since the new list of people was posted a couple of days ago.


    I’ve been getting a little bit back into the swing of things. My FLAG classes are getting interesting these days; last week’s class was almost all falling practice, but the instructor introduced a new way to practice— she pulled out a couple of large exercise balls and had us roll across and off of them. It was actually a lot of fun! Then, this past Friday, I got to do more bo staff practice (mid-blocks and overhead strikes, mostly), work on my crescent kicks (she says they’re looking good; yay), and more sparring. I’ve been sparring with the student who is more advanced than I am in this system, and she’s a high belt in the traditional class, so she’s still taking it easy on me— but not quite as easily as she used to!

    I’ve been keeping up with my running and other physical fitness, too. I’m toying with the idea of running a local 10k race next month, and I sketched out a training plan for that. I ran it last year and enjoyed it, but I’m trying to decide if I want to spend the race fee or not.

    I wrote five encouragement letters for the March More Love Letters bundles.

    I was supposed to get a massage this past Saturday at a local massage therapy school, but apparently the person who took my initial call didn’t actually write my name down on “the list.” The clinical coordinator never called me on the day I had been told I’d get a call, and when I called back to check on it, they told me it was too late to schedule me in. So that was a disappointment. They don’t do clinicals every Saturday, and I work some weekends, so I’ll have to try again after Easter, I suppose.

    I’m reading Star Wars and Philosophy for one of my book reports. I’ve only read the first two chapters so far, but it’s a good brain-stretch. The second chapter, on Stoicism, was far easier going than the first chapter about fate, free will, and predestination! Now that I’m almost 15 years older than when I was studying Plato, Aristotle, and Hume in college (and that I’m not getting graded on it), it’s a bit more enjoyable. The Star Wars angle also makes it a lot more accessible than all of the stuff about dropping a pencil that my honors professor used in class!

    Kol Drake

    The XXX and Philosophy series has a few gems in it. Typically you can tell who the real fan/nerds are in academia by how they approach the subject and can easily dovetail in the Star Wars references. A few in the series can be painful to get through as it was apparent the authors weren’t quite at the Star Wars, LotR, or Superhero level of fan-dom. Still, it’s a good read — even if it’s not for a grade!

    Your fitness & training is gaining ground. While I like ‘stick fighting’, I can see you are in another league already.
    (Remind me to never piss you off…)


    Oh, dear, the last couple of weeks have gotten away from me. I worked two weekends ago, and this past weekend we took a whirlwind trip out of state for my nephew’s first birthday party.

    Looking back over my Integrative Practice Tracker, I see that since my last update, I took a couple of 7CupsofTea chats. One of them was tough to get off the ground; he seemed to be in a very negative place mentally. He mostly seemed lonely and wanted to talk, but was very reluctant to do more than give minimal answers to questions. Eventually we got to talking about music, and he really opened up and was in a much more positive frame of mind once we tapped into that passion and just chatted for a while.

    I went to Fight Like a Girl a week and a half ago, as well. Mostly self-defense practice and some crescent kick work. I missed last week because of the birthday party trip.

    I also ran a couple of times, but not as often as I’d like to. Back at it tonight! I decided against the 10k race; I don’t want to spend the entry fee when I can run for free. :)

    I’ve been doing better on the Personal Goals aspect! I have been keeping up with meditation; I miss a day perhaps once a week or so, but overall I’m pleased with how I’ve been doing there. I’ve been listening to the Daily Audio Bible every day, and I’ve also been talking with my grandfather once a week. I really love getting to talk with him more. It helped a lot to find a consistent time slot every week when I can call.

    Now I need to go get started on the final online course toward my CHIS II certification. And I should be writing some More Love Letters letters this weekend.


    I’ve been chipping away at my integrated practice, but I need to get back into course work. And I’ve been slacking on meditation, which is no good!

    I have run a few times in the last week and a half or so; I also wrote three More Love Letters notes for the March recipients. I got to Fight Like A Girl class on Friday, and it was mostly crescent kicks and self-defense work for me. I was partnered up with a girl who has some significant health issues and bruises VERY easily, so I was a little constrained as to what I could do; most of my techniques at my jersey/belt level involve throws now, which were hard to practice on someone you can barely touch. She was able to do hers, though, which was a good review for me.

    I’ve been reading Star Wars and Philosophy and taking notes. I’m really enjoying it.

    The most exciting development for me, though, was that I was finally able to get a massage! The school’s clinical coordinator put me down on the right list this month. It was lovely. I didn’t even care that I spent as long in the car on the way there and again as long on the way back as I did on the table. My back feels so much better; I carry a lot of tension around my right shoulder blade, and it’s always knotted up. I need to work on making this a semi-regular thing, I think.


    So my training might be slowing down a bit.

    I got a positive pregnancy test yesterday (well, three, actually, because I was so flummoxed). We decided a month ago that we were just going to “see what happens” after a few years of waffling back and forth on the whole kids issue.

    Four weeks later and BAM.
    I think we’ll be happy and excited once we scrape our jaws off of the floor! :wow

    Kol Drake

    Congrats? :rofl

    I always blamed my kids on ‘the yoga instructor’… since every time my ex decided she needed to ‘get in shape’, she signed up for classes and within a couple of weeks… she tested positive.

    Unless you are already running marathons and doing nation wide parkour exercises, I’d say, take it easy.
    You CAN keep to the levels of what you have been / now are doing — just don’t push it.

    AND… *coughs* there are always FORCE exercises you can do that will help with sleep and energy balancing while the ‘bun is in the oven’…. :blink:

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