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    Kol Drake

    Chapter 4, page 43 —

    I will not quote the whole darn page but, the essence is, Corran meets the legendary (infamous?) Han Solo. While as a CorSec officer, Corran is aware of all the ‘bad things’ Solo has done and his reputation as a bit of a scoundrel but, note how he ‘feels’ there is much more to the man than the rumors and tall tales when he shakes his hand.

    We are all told about ‘first impressions’ — in meeting anyone, for jobs, etc.
    But, how many take the time to look beyond the surface / image and really take the time to find out the ‘inner person’?

    Geez…. just came to mind…
    Just about every comic book story or Lost in Space or Star Trek episode that was about ‘not judging a book (or an alien) by it’s cover/appearance’. One LiS episode went to the campy extreme — a ‘pretty guy’ covered in gold verses the ‘not pretty’ guy with the body and head of a frog like creature. Still… how often are ‘we’ impressed by flash instead of substance? How different would we interact if we could ‘sense’ the inner person as much as ‘see’ the outer shell?

    Maybe learning some of those Force sensing skills (WWTF?) make for a ‘good thing’ if one can hone this skill?


    Good point, I am always leery of the good looking person, simply because a pretty outside hides a black heart, better than an ugly one. Sad, that people look at the outside not the inside. But, I have also, had occasions that someone feels “off”, only to find out they have had a brain tumor, heart attack, ect. So, do not judge, unless, they are coming at you with a knife, just joking. Actions, speak louder than words sometimes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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