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    A little stagnation, and then movement.

    In order to get in more physical activity and have some accountability, I’ve been doing some work with the forums at Nerd Fitness. Despite the title, it’s not just focused on fitness, and the challenges are broken down month by month with the opportunity to do progress tracking too. For the past week I’ve been working on tracking things like my meditation, energy level, caffeine intake, and exercise. Thus far, knowing that I’m going to have to write honestly about what I’ve done at the end of the day has actually helped give me motivation to stay on track with my goals. Like actually remembering to meditate every day.

    So, just a brief update, but more to come.


    Nerd fitness is great. You might want to check out the app habitica. It takes a little to figure out how to set up, but then I find it does make me want to check off things more so I can build my avatar. :-)


    One of the Jedi values is to carry your beliefs in your actions, which you can also think of as integrity. But sometimes the “how” isn’t obvious. The question I’ve been rolling the question around in my mind, and still haven’t fully answered, is how can I best do this following the cascade of terrible and difficult events, like Orlando, shootings of civilians by police, and all the politics going on.

    How do I, as a bi woman, best support the LGBT community? As a pagan woman, how do I best help the Muslims that have been repeatedly caught in the senseless blame net. As a health worker who’s seen some terrible violence, how do I advocate for gun control in a way that doesn’t try to take center stage away from the grief of the LGBT community or communities of color?

    What’s the right thing to do?

    What is enough?

    I’ve done a lot of communication engagement in the social media realm. I’ve spent time checking in with my friends in these communities to see, letting them know I care and providing an ear. It’s been important to me to not speak over the people who are most affected (and/or oppressed), but to use the voice I do have to make an impact. I’ve tried to be diplomatic and take the high road in debates and discussions, especially as political affiliations and biases have become deeply seated and I’ve seen insults flying early and often. But it hasn’t been clear to me what’s the most “right” thing to do in these situations, and I’ve definitely worried that I’m not doing as much as I should.

    There’s a quote from the Talmud that’s been going around:

    “Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief.
    Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly now.
    You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.”

    So what is enough? Maybe everything, and nothing. All that we can do, perhaps.

    If getting involved in online discussions drains your energy and/or you snap at people quickly, I think you can gracefully take a step back from it. If all you have time to do is to talk about it with your children or friends or partners, maybe that’s enough too. Or maybe you want to attend protests, but are only comfortable going so far (not going to events where arrests are likely, for example).

    Could you push to do more? Maybe, but do always examine the costs (time, mental health, relationships, personal safety, etc). I haven’t attended any protests or vigils this year. Yet in the past weeks I think I pushed myself too hard, especially in the online realm (and part of that is because responses always seem to me to be immediate and pressing). I took time out of what was supposed to be a long-awaited break, and ended up spending chunks of my “rest” time stressed with difficult conversations with people.

    I don’t wish that I could reverse what happened, but I hope that I will learn from the experience if anything similar happens in the future so my time and efforts can be used in a more efficient and healthy manner.

    So maybe that’s the answer. Do as much as you can. No more, no less.


    I don’t think there’s anything that’s truly enough for any situation until it’s truly resolved. Thus we need to do our best to do what we can while taking the breaks needed to maintain our health and sanity. :-) I’m personally benefiting from not being on facebook as much beyond what I need to do for my businesses and networking.


    I’ve been off of this journal and writing prompts for a few months now. This seems like it should be the place for an apology, but it’s really not necessary – I didn’t stop my IRL pursuits, but my priorities didn’t leave much room for writing about everything.

    Many many many things have happened in the interim. I transitioned jobs and also had bunch of unrelated social changes, all of which were bumpy but finally settled down. But I guess more importantly, I have been pulled to take more of an overt activist role in my personal life. I got my motivation back up thanks in part to a Nerd Fitness month-long challenge, which also included regular physical activity and meditation practice. But in the setting of all that’s been happening in the political sphere, my need to be an ally and to work to combat social inequities has really come to the fore.

    I do not expect every other Jedi-identifying individual to have the same beliefs and values. But for me, working to eliminate social disparities -is- Jedi work, and it also aligns with my healthcare work as social disparities cause (and reinforce) health disparities. And in the current political climate, the potential exists for some of the disparities to recur or get worse. So yes, activism aligns with my personal Jedi path.

    How am I going about this? Multiple ways, with the goal of having sustainable efforts.

    1. Healthy body, healthy mind:
    self care basics… meditation, exercise. Also will be doing more self defense / martial arts training. Trying to be better about sleep too. And to allow myself breaks when needed so as not to burn out.

    2. Educate:
    Reading. And with news, keeping a skeptical yet open mind. Intermittently reading sources from varied political sides to see what the other perspectives are. Talking to those with more experience than myself. Seeking out skill-building opportunities (ex: community engagement strategies, bystander approaches, etc)

    3. Support community:
    a healthy community is more resilient. Working on friend and family groups in my personal life, and supporting my geographic community in my work life. Being more available for those in my life who have already been negatively impacted. And keeping an eye out to do more in my own community.

    4. More classical “activism”
    (less frequent) ex: contacting representatives

    5. Engaging in dialogue:
    the amount that I’ve been doing this has varied a bit as I have been balancing engaging in needed discussion with keeping the peace (in person or on social media pages) and not engaging trolls. My stamina for this type of work drains quickly when topics become emotionally charged on both sides, so I’ve been doing less of this.

    I feel like there’s more, but that’s what’s coming to mind right now.

    Remember, activism itself can mean a whole lot of different things, so even if you don’t share my political beliefs doesn’t mean you can’t be active! There’s a great video on Jedi Living on this if you want to know more.

    Here’s hoping your holidays have been good and that you have a healthy new year!
    (Yes, I’m refraining from 2016-bashing at this time. Or discussing the upsetting passing of Carrie Fisher right now, though that could be its own post.)

    Kol Drake

    Welcome — glad you dropped by before the end of the year!
    “Life Happens” — you can find that in many posts here. It’s okay. First you get your self/Self/Life under control; then your corner; then your home; then your neighborhood; then your village; then …. it keeps growing. But it all starts with ‘getting your self’ squared away first… and that’s “Life”.

    Looks like you are doing ‘good things’… and looking at a common sense approach.
    All good.

    I hope you find continued successes and new challenges (good, healthy challenges!!!) in 2017.

    The Force be with you now and in 2017.


    Living the path is always more important than documenting it. It’s helpful to document and share what you learn. I hope you can stop in every few weeks to update us. :-)

    Are you going to the women’s march jan 21?


    I went to my city’s march, not the D.C. one.


    It’s been a long an unintentional hiatus. I’ve been busy in my personal life and working on the things I posted about earlier, and have made some big changes. I finally started taking martial arts; not only is it something I’ve been longing to do, but there’s also an explicit self defense curriculum within the program. I’ve been reading, both things to help with self-understanding as well as works about reversing oppression (not just starting books, but actually finishing them). And I’ve been focusing (with mixed success) on self care so I don’t wear myself down in the process. That in combination with my new work and a generally packed schedule have kept me constantly focused on either the immediate issues at hand or soon-upcoming issues I have to face. I do not want to make promises I won’t keep, but I do plan to post more in the near future. So (hopefully) more to come.


    All good, especially as You had been able to make some progress in the things important to You. As might or might not know, at IJRS the unwritten rule is that life comes first and the IJRS at which ever position one assigns to it.
    Right now, I do feel, it is more important and in the long run better for You to focus on the positive changes You are experiencing than to stress on being more present here at the board.

    So, all the best and keep going so that You can be(come) the You and the Jedi You are longing for to be! :meditate

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