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    ^^ not a bad idea, if I´d find that setting again…
    It seems I´m a little out of use with Outlook…

    Then I want you to tell me if you have a “spiritual guide” like Soc, and if you don’t what would you look for in a spiritual guide.  Are you willing to let go of your past and attachments and follow this guide?


    hmmm, I am pretty unsure about this.
    May I have/had one in my Reiki teacher.
    But it was more like knowing she is there and I can ask her anytime.
    And been shown this or that, talking things threw.
    Definitely a more passive kind of experiencing that.
    But in my opinion it´s a more comfortable one.
    It´s like catching the lections shown up by your own live and following that flow.

    I can´t really give an exact answer (or if I would, it´ll be a lie) if I would follow a guide like Soc.
    I just believe that I would not.
    It´s one thing to show up topic´s, another thing to they it´s too early to talk about something else but to decide I should learn this yet, while I may have a bad feeling about this?
    I really doubt I would do that.

    It will really depend on the person, if I´ll get a good feeling about it (and yes, I decide things like this with my stomach) I´d do it.
    But if not, it´ll definitely be a no go…

    Sorry, but there is no chance I´d would get a clearer answer…

    May I should add something in here…
    Esoteric is a kinda hot topic for me.
    May I´m a little like a bird or rabbid (universe is joking…) in my way to work on it but I´ve met some people that were really happy about there grows (universal love, connection to the angels) while they just lost the heart in there behavior or really lost track of the base.

    It is kind of scary and the reason why I won´t loose the look at what I am doing.
    To be in peace but with it losing the ability to feel with other people is not really a kind of goal.

    It´s not like making decisions with my head instead of my intuition but it was a kind of lection to not follow others blindly.


    Sometimes our bad feelings are simply fears which need to be pushed through.  Having an experienced guide means that hopefully they know more about the pacing of your training.  Early in training we tend to go too fast in some areas, and ignore the more difficult areas.  Having someone on the outside looking in means they can see these problems and correct them by directing your training in other areas.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t pay attention to your gut, but take the time to be aware of the source of your feelings.  When they are fear based, it’s time to trust your mentor and do what they have asked of you because it is meant to trigger your growth.  Having a mentor is not easy.  They make us look at the things we don’t want to see.  But that’s their job.  :-)


    Thats right, to follow when it´s about fear is a good decision but to follow, when your heart is telling you that this is something you do not WANT to accomplish since it´s wrong in your mind and feeling it is something else.

    Esoterics won´t show everyone the same ways and lections and it is up to us where we want to go and where not.
    And something that seems ethically or emotionally wrong to me like to shot out my heart or to hurt others on purpose (and without reason) there is nearly no chance I´d follow.


    Yes, but a good mentor would also be following their intuition, which should be helping them guide you down your path – not guide you down their path.  A good mentor knows these two paths are not the same and would never attempt to take you off your path and onto theirs.  Soc was not trying to bring Dan down the path of Soc, but show him the path of Dan, just has he had done with his previous students.  That’s one way you can tell a good mentor – look at their previous students and see how successful they are on their paths.  :-)


    =) yeah and I didn´t wanted to say that he would have, but to show the problem I could may face with a mentor.

    You can´t say if it´s a good one for you ore not, when you meet him/her.
    You just can go on it, if it feels good and look how it is going on.

    The point is after all we can´t know what we would be doing, we can just guess what we´d may do.
    And you are absolutely right, that fear won´t guide me forward and it´s a good decision to follow in this moments.
    But to follow absolutely blindly goes far beyond that for me.

    And absolutely thank you for that thought it´s showing up much for me


    Of course, no one should go blindly forward.  :-)  We always have an internal guidance system which we should use.  A mentor is just another tool, but even they are not necessary. 

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