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    Dear Students,

    Previous to our new workbook method of presenting lectures, the instructors here at the Institute generally required students to post their lesson responses into a dedicated thread on the forum or ‘comments’ section of the Institute, under the relevant lesson. Some courses require the keeping of a personal journal(s), and sometimes instructors would ask for material to be emailed to them, particularly when it could be of a sensitive nature.

    Unfortunately, we have found that these methods could be problematic. Occasionally system or server problems would result in students losing their work; sometimes instructors would have problems that would result in their being unable to access the internet and responses that were emailed to them would ‘disappear’. For these and several other reasons, we are introducing a new method for students to undertake and present their work.

    What we are asking students to do is create a blog on WordPress, though if you have an existing online journal you can advise us of the link to this and use that instead. WordPress is a free blogging application that has several handy features that are of benefit to students and instructors alike.

    •  Students can modify their privacy settings on their account, this will allow you to choose if you would like search engines, everyone on the internet or just invited people to view your coursework. Individual posts can also be password protected, so if you’d like to have most of your coursework generally viewable and some stuff kept private between you and your instructor, that is possible too.
    •  You can link the journals of your fellow students and instructors to your journal, giving you quick and easy access to what your peers are doing. You could also set up a link straight to the Institute if you wished.
    •  Your coursework can be set up in easy to reference ‘categories’ on WordPress.
    •  WordPress blogs can be backed up to your personal computer, no more risk of losing your work! (Be sure to back up).
    •  Instructors can setup an RSS feed to your journal and be updated as soon as you have made an entry. This is advantageous for both groups, you don’t need to email (unless the instructor requests you do so, some of them will) and the instructors know when a post has been made.

    We still encourage you to post in a journal on the Institutes forum, it can be a great place for new students to see what is going on!

    Please also note that instructors still have their preferences for how work is submitted, and you will do well to make note of this while working on each workbook.


    To make it easier for both you and the Instructors to find your coursework on your WordPress blog, we are asking that you please set up standardised categories and assign the relevant category to your posted answer.

    To access the Categories setup, you will need to log into your WordPress account and be on the ‘Dashboard’. From there, click on Posts and then Categories.

    From there, you will be creating a ‘parent’ directory. Please call this ‘IJRS’ for the Institute of Jedi Realist Studies. From there, create the following subcategories with ‘IJRS’ as their parent directory.

    Intro Course Training
    Force Training
    Personal Training
    Spirituality Training
    Creed Training
    Communication Training
    Leadership Training
    Situational Awareness Training
    Warrior Principles Training

    We will probably ask you to add further categories in the future but these should keep you going for the time being.

    After this, when you complete an exercise for a course, for example the Introductory Creed course, ensure the title of the post is ‘Introductory Creed Exercise’ or a similar name that will enable the Instructors to easily find your coursework.

    If you are having any troubles with this process, please let us know!




    I have setup my blog in this way, if people would like an example.  If you need help doing this, just ask.


    I’m having some initial issues setting up my journal with wordpress….I’m currently also using my work computer (I have the admin rights since I do most of our IT troubleshooting) however I’ve never run a program like this so this will be a learning experience for me. In any case I have no files the I can see that I’d normally click on to initiate the program set up.  If there is any guidance that can be offered I’m open for suggestions, no major rush as I just downloaded the introductory course today and will take it home and start to read over it this week.


    Don’t download anything, you just go to wordpress.com and sign up for a blog.  There’s no software or anything to load.  You probably ended up at wordpress.org instead, which is far more complicated.


    You were right I was at the org site! I applied for my account awaisting confirmation email


    Glad that’s all it was.  It’s been ages since I got my blog, it wouldn’t be fun if they changed everything around. :-)



    Greetings, I have a quick question…I have completed some of the assignments in the introductory course, do I need to complete all the assignments before posting them? I know I have to complete them all then move on to doing a PLP with an instructor but I was wondering if I should post what I have completed so far or wait until they are all done.  Thanks!


    Beral Khan

    Hi! You can post your work as you go on your WordPress journal and/or on your journal here at the IJRS forums. :) Just keep us informed that you are doing the updates so we can see your progress. :)


    I Have been searching for the area where I could set up my personal journal but I just couldn’t find the area could you just point me in the right direction please

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 16 total)

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