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    Sometimes pills are necessary. I view psych medicines as casts for the mind. They help stabilize it when it’s broken, but you need to do the rehab as well or you will become weaker rather than stronger. It sounds like you’re doing everything you need to which is good. :-)


    Sorry for answering Your question that late, but yes, You are right, I’m studying Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu/Ninjutsu as it is taught by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi.


    to yoshio, you should read the shoninki and ninpiden scrolls, the actual 16ht, 17th and 18th century manuels left by Hattori Hanzo and Natori Masatake. They have them translated now and in book form and I think I found both on amazon. I’ve done quite a bit of study and practice in ninjutsu myself. The big debate going on right now in the community is the validity of the current teachers and if what their teaching is real ninjutsu. By all historical accounts, none of the scrolls that exist today have any mention of martial arts practices at all. The manuals talk about infiltration, arson, burglary, hiding in plain sight (disguise) and field craft/wilderness survival. Its also mentioned in the scrolls, that despite popular belief, shinobi were recruited, not born. Many samurai were recruited as shinobi. Its partially believed that this is where the martial art aspect came in. Many people recruited to be shinobi, already knew a fighting style because of their positions as samurai, etc. But the peasants, common folk and the like who were recruited, of course never learned any fighting skills, just espionage. My theory is this however; many noble clans in japan had their own fighting schools, be it hand to hand, weapons, etc. Its my theory, that the Togakure ryu adopted one and trained in it. Although, Dr. Hatsuumi to date refused to provide anything to James Loranaga and Antony Cummins as proof of this. That aside, I have numerous books of Dr. Hatsumii’s, my favorite being essence of ninjutsu. I respect the man a great deal and have seen him work. Eventually, when i have the money for a plane ticket to japan, Id like to meet him, as he’s getting older and i may not get the opportunity if i wait too many years. Is there any word yet on who’s to be his successor, a 35th grand master?


    Now before ya say anything yoshioI in know way want to give you the interpretation that I believe everything Antony Cummins has an opinion on. He’s a very good researcher in that he’s been able to get the scrolls translated and even demonstrates the techniques shown in the scrolls, but he’s very one sided in that his findings are the only ones that should be believed. I believe he overlooked the fact that the scrolls only talk about two clans out of the hundreds of ninja clans that existed at that time, and only during those two times. Not once are earlier time periods, or later ones for that matter, mentioned. Thats where my faith kinda ends with him. I love the bokos and they are packed full of knowledge, however, I also believe that Hatsumii Sensei didnt just make up the stuff he teaches and that true shinobi were very adaptive and would have/did adopt fighting styles of the time and modified them for their own use. Togakure ryu most likely being a very good example, if not the only example left of this


    Personal Learning Plan Worksheet
    Name: James Cruzan
    Advisor(s): n/a
    Date: 12/8/2011
    Rank working toward: Master Rank

    Integrative Practice Hours
    Activity 1: e.g. Physical Activity Date Completed by: Number of Hours:
    Cardio/lifting weights, calisthenics, running every day 1 hour
    Martial Arts Practice movement tech./sparring every day 1 hour
    Activity 2: e.g. Book Reports Date Completed by Number of hours:
    journal n/a half an hour

    Activity 3: e.g. Workshops Date Completed by Number of hours:

    Activity 4: Date(s) Number of hours:

    Institute for Jedi Realist Study Courses
    Courses: Date to be completed by:
    Course title Warrior 101
    Course title Meditation 101
    Course title Situational Awareness 101

    Additional Goals:
    Date to be completed by:
    CPR Certification: Done (job requirement)

    First Aid Certification: (if not part of CPR course)
    Personal Development:

    Work/Career Goals: (if in school, set goals for education)
    Bomb Technician School
    Firearms Instructor

    Obstacles to training Ways to work around them:
    FBI bomb callout requirement none
    Lack of a bomb squad Make one
    Money to send officers to schools raise money for the department


    heres my plp jax :)


    Hey JM,

    This is a good start to your PLP, but I need you to further clarify a few things:

    For Activities 2 and 3, can you be a little more specific?  What books are you planning on reading (keeping in mind they should further help guide your Jedi training) and also what workshops are you planning on attending( keeping the same thought above in mind).  You may not have specifics picked up, but even topics or ideas will help us make sure you are headed the right way.

    Also, I’m a bit confused.  For obstacle to training, we are talking in relation to Jedi training, not necessarily work training.  If these things are obstacles to Jedi training that is fine, but just wanted to make sure I clarified that.



    *echoes Phoenix* :-)


    im actually currently in the middle of reading the new Revan book. Sorry, i kind of missed that one lol. As far as workshops, I need some clarification. If your referring to goup activity interaction, I informally teach kendo and unarmed martial arts on the weekend with friends. Does that count? For obstacles to training, work, time with the girlfriend and ptsd homework (which i have paperwork to do every day).


    When you complete the book, please post a review in the book review section. Also, any interesting lessons that come from it are good discussion posts. :-)

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