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    So I’ve been getting into some Humansim, especially the writings of DT Strain.  Some of you may know him, as he was involved shortly in the Jedi Community and assembled the Jedi Q I believe.

    After reading about  Humanism, I came to the conclusion that I could potentially be one.  I say ‘potentially’ here because of a clear distinction that Human sts make, and that is (I quote from wiki)

    “Knowledge of the world is derived by observation, experimentation, and rational analysis.”

    After reading some articles from Humanists and Stoics of the past and present, it seems that there is an emphasis on ‘what is known‘, and what can be scientifically verified.  In my opinion, it seems to me that their is no room in Humanism for the faculty of Intuition.

    What about you guys?  What do you think?  Howwould a Humanist acknowledge the Force, if they even would?


    Actually, there is a lot of scientific basis for intuition, most popularly and recently summarized in the book Blink.  But there are always going to be limits to knowledge (as I’m reminded of constantly by guides) that is limited by science.  However, that shouldn’t exclude intuition and other unexplained things because they can be observed by an individual, and experiments can be done, though they do require a lot of creativity to pull off. 

    I have had a few discussions with my wife’s guide primarily about resolving science and spiritual or Universal truths.  She said what I was leaning toward, which is that good science is good science and does reinforce spiritual truths.  But bad science, just like false spirituality, will lead you away from truth.  So, if a humanist is following good science, they should still be able to find the Force, in theory.  :-)


    Humanism doesn’t reject the concepts of intuition and sudden insight (the Eureka! moment), what Humanism does reject is supernaturalism.

    With that said spirituality is not dependent on the supernatural so a Humanist can indeed be rather spiritual. In principle a Humanist could indeed feel the Force, just don’t be surprised when the take is different than your own.




    If you are interested in reading a little further into the subject here are the iterations of the Humanist manifesto.

    Humanist Manifesto 1

    Humanist Manifesto 2
    (I haven’t read this one yet)

    Humanist Manifesto 3

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