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    Do you incorperate some of your Jedi Training into your work day?

    If so…please share what your Jedi Habits have gotten into your work day/school day? 

    How has becoming a Jedi/Force Studies – helped you at work or at school?

    Just curious… :D


    I find that I use my sensing abilities quite a lot while at work. I do a lot of work outside – building trails and the like. Just this week, I worked on a trail that we are repairing. Thursday, it was raining heavily and the entire first portion of the trail was three-inch deep mud. As you know, mud is notoriously difficult to walk on ;) Lets just say, you have to know how and where to step tp keep from havinf your feet torn from beneath you….We were building retaining walls along the out-sloping edge of the trail. Gathering rocks to fill behind the wall as reinforcement was an interesting challenge. The entire hillside where we gathered rocks from was completely covered in rusted tin cans and broken glass.  I climbed up and down that hillside gathering rocks all day, and not once did I cut myself on exposed glass or metal.


    Well considering i am, for now, basically a house wife (without the wife part) i use compassion and empathy a lot. Oh and Patience. When something bad happens i try to reason and sort things out, i used to just blow up in the persons face, if they started to blow up in mine, but now i look at things from their view and reases (SP?) the situation. I have learned to be humble and do what is asked of me as in chores, and where as before i came here and started to look into Jediism, Jedi realism, Tao and Buddhism, I would complain about almost everything, saying that people are expecting to much of me at once from time to time. Now i take a step back and evaluate the situation.


    Right now my focus is on getting a job.  I had been working part time over the summer, which doesn’t start back up until the end of August.  This offers unique challenges.

    First, I’ve had to learn to let go.  Staring at the computer, scrounging website after website for a job doesn’t get you very far.  It does, however, rob you of all your time so that housework falls behind and training isn’t accomplished.  It also adds to stress levels which are already high enough.  So, I’ve learned to check the websites once, then step away from the computer *gasp* and do other things that I want to do.  My house is slowly getting cleaned, my drums have gotten played, and I’ve started teaching myself statics to prepare for a job interview. 

    So for me, applying my Jedi training is learning when to focus on job hunting, and when to move on and focus on other things.  It’s knowing how to be patient and wait for things to come.  It means relaxing and letting things happen on a normal time scale, not pushing hard for things to happen on your time scale.  The act of pushing actually makes it harder for things to come to you. 

    Also important is that I’ve learned to spend a bit more time with my wife.  Our families often sacrifice a lot, and it’s important to not take them for granted.  I’ve also taken the time to help out a friend by watching her baby while her back was strained. 

    When I do have a job, hopefully I’ll maintain these lessons I’ve learned, and don’t slip into old habits that lack balance.  But until I know what that job is, I can’t even guess how to be a Jedi there.  :-)


    Hi Asta,

    I asked myself this question a few years back, currently (and then) I was working in I.T. making software that increases big businesses efficiency, so they can make ever more obscene profits (guess you can tell what I think of that now). I also looked at several lifestyle issues that were coming up for me, two little children, school coming up etc etc, and also I wanted to live my life…all my life, all my time, as a Jedi. So eventually it came to me that I could learn more about the Force, work with serving people, and solve (hopefully) my upcoming school and childcare issues by changing careers. So I have studied Shiatsu, remedial and other Oriental massage styles, ones that are both energetic and physical in nature, and will soon be graduating and qualified to practice.  In other words, the real test is coming up.  ;)

    Anyway, thats what I’m doing, personally. I’m lucky I’ve been in a position where I can study and change career like this.


    I am hearing a lot of profound change in work, time management, and attitude due to being Jedi.  (May I say most sound quite healthy!)

    It’s been the same with me…  Lots of mixing Jedi Training in-between doing my job. 

    I guess I ask this because I was recently approached by my employees (I prefer to call them coworkers but I know that causes confusion…).  They pointed at my new ID badge for the airport and said, “I don’t know what you’ve done…but look at you then and look at this”, and they held up my old ID badge – which we all thought had been lost…

    They’ve commented about how much less “hypervigilant” I was in keeping up with the ongoings, managing, looking over shoulders…  Even my hair looked uptight…LOL! 

    I am glad to see I am not alone in changing with Jedi training… ;D

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