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    Well today I was contemplating and mulling over some things about my Jedi Path and the connection to the Force.  Recently I have been reading “I, Jedi” and it has started TRAINS of thoughts about many aspects of the Jedi Path.

    However, today I had a thought come to my head.  For me, I have begun to realize just how deeply entwined I have made myself with my choice.  For me the Jedi Path began as something to use as a tool for debating, then it became a tool for philosophizing (Yes, I’m pretty sure its not word, but it sounds cool!) 

    However, the more meditations I do, the more spiritual work I do, the more growth I have, the more idle conversations I carry on with the Force, the more I started to realize the Jedi Path is more than a walk of life, and even more than a WAY of life. 

    For me the Jedi Path IS our life.  Its almost we had this calling to walk this path, that we chose this path before we were born, this path is more than about spiritual growth, it is tied to and a part of our Soul.  And as much, I think we continue to walk this path in to the afterlife, next life, what have you…

    So I guess what I’m trying to get at is, as the Academy is soon partially opening up in 2009, what is the Jedi Path to you?  Even if you don’t answer here, I think its a good idea to keep in the back of your mind as you begin taking classes and participating in our Soul Path: the Path of the Jedi Realists



    I feel the same way, Phoenix.  Being a Jedi is such an integral part of my life now, that I can’t imagine life any other way.


    To me the Jedi Path is what we find in our individual paths to be better people within the Force.

    But more – it is a striving, as well as an awareness, that also makes us on a specific path even if they are individually different.

    For me, the Jedi Path changed my outlook and views as I considered how I had attachments that were not healthy.  I also recognized how emotion often clouded what I thought and saw as different than what actually were. 

    Further I began to wait, listen and sense what I once felt but often rationalized away or followed in embarassment. 

    My spirituality has grown more focused as I found that “attachment and emotion” also had taken me to beliefs that were not really there. 

    Learning skills of the Jedi has altered even the way I breath. 

    I am not a stern and serious Jedi.  It doesn’t mean I am not on the Jedi Path.  It’s not one I would choose simply because of the name and some of the more brow-raising aspects of having found a Path through a fiction.

    (Then again – the Bible is a fiction of books written by various authors who felt they wrote with the will of God.  Perhaps George Lucas wrote by the will of the Force?)

    The Jedi Path can begin loud and grow quiet.  It seems to happen to most of us. 

    What is a Jedi?  I know what it is for me – I know a Jedi when I meet them.  I do believe we have many more similarities than differences.

    Body/mind/spirit balance and lifelong learning and training.  There are Jedi Skills.  There are Jedi “standards” but they are not as easy to label. 

    What it means to me grows and changes as I grow and change. 

    It’s a good question – but as diverse and changeable as most of us are different from one another as people. 

    But as Jedi – we are part of a fellowship whether we participate within it or not. 


    The Jedi path, for me, is so much a part of my life that it isn’t even a path anymore, it’s just my life.  I’ve tried more times than I can count to leave for one reason or another, but I always come back, because I feel like I’ve lost a limb. 

    I know the Jedi code says “there is no passion”, but being a Jedi, teaching others, that IS my passion.

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