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    (I think it fits in this discussion board, lol)
    Thought I’d give you something inspiring. The Jedi Path is one that calls you to action to do things for others. That’s at the heart of what we are suppose to be doing. Yesterday, this was posted by a member of the Facebook Page “Jedi Church (the Original)” The second one was posted earlier this evening.

    Jason Dickey

    My heart is torn into pieces. I have spent the entire day in Orlando, helping people however I can. When I heard about the shooting this morning, I immediately drove to Orlando to help out. I arrived there at 6:00 am and just got back home, it’s 12:40 am.
    I live 45 minutes away from the bar, and last night, I woke up crying and in pain. The force worked through me, letting me know there were people that needed help. I spent many hours helping people to the hospital (the ones that ambulances would not take due to other injuries being more severe) I donated blood, and helped set up blood donation places. When family members of people who were injured started showing up because they hadn’t heard from their loved ones, I took paper and wrote down family names and people they were looking for to give to paramedics and police to try and help put family with victims. I went and bought food and water for people that had been sitting around for hours upon hours shaking and afraid. I did everything I could do, and it wasn’t enough. Please keep my community in your thought
    I know this kind of post is not common here, but I needed to vent. I did everything I could and yet I feel as if I did nothing. In the end, all I will ever feel in my heart is 50 dead/53 injured, and many of them are critical. Guys, I have spent hours crying. I have never felt or witnessed so much pain on such a grand scale. I’m really not sure how to wind down at this point. Meditate, I must.
    Thanks for the rant,
    Today was another long day, some co-workers and I went and bought food for people who are at the hotel across the street from the bar. While tensions are still high, there was a lot of people there spreading the message of love. Radio stations, food pantries, people still willing to give blood, people showing up with candles to light at dark, and the survivors of the attack are here, unified for everyone to see, to show that the dark side will not prevail. I still cry tears of sadness, but today, I cried a few tears of joy as our message is strong, we will not let the darkness consume us, the force will light our path.

    Thank you for sharing that.

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