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    After talking to Jax she suggested for me to post this here. Angelus had some ideas for games at the Michigan Gathering and it would be fun for anyone to try these games at home, with their chapters or even on the beach with family and friends.

    Another dodge ball with a twist..

    Supplies: 10 nerf balls, 2-4 hula hoops, 2-4 pool noodles

    Play in an open area (gym or large room)
    Divide your group into 2 teams.  Depending on the size of your group (small size: 1 jedi, large size: 2 jedi’s) assign 1-2 jedi’s to each team.  Divide the playing area straight down the middle and assign each group a side.  Place a hula hoop(s) at the back of each side.  The jedi’s each receive a pool noodle and a must stand inside the hula hoop. 

    The object of the game is to get the opposing teams jedi’s out.  When the game starts then each team can throw the balls at the other team and try to get players out by hitting them with a ball.  If the person catches the ball then the person who threw it is out.  Once a player is out they must go to the far side of their playing area and get in a “push-up” position supporting themselves with their feet and hands.  The jedi’s may run and tap their teammates with the noodle.  If they are tapped they are back in the game.  AS LONG as the jedi is standing in the hula hoop they are safe (cannot get out with a ball) but as soon as they leave the hula hoop to go tap teammate they a live targets.  Once the jedi(s) are hit with a ball they are out.  The first team to loose both jedi’s loose. 

    You can play the Star Wars theme music as you play to add atmosphere!

    Jedi Knight Challenge

    You will need: at least one (if not 2) toy light sabers, that make the sound and everything; an adult leader as the Sith (bad guy); a teen volunteer (to be the Jedi); another teen to use the second radio (the Force); 2 walkie talkies then, one with a ear piece; a blindfold; a soft helmet; and a broom handle for the adult leader (if there is no extra light saber).
    The teen is to don the earpiece (with the volume up), the blindfold (around the ears too), and the helmet, in that order.  Give the teen the light saber, and stand back.  The adult (Sith) is to try to tap the teen (Jedi) with the broom handle/light saber as if it were a sword (keyword: gently).  The Jedi teen has to listen to the “Force” (the other teen on the other end of the walkie talkies) while the rest of the group can shout out distractions.  Practice radio commands as “block left,” “attack,” etc.  Have the adult leader (Sith) attack slow enough for the “Force” teen to give commands.  Go for about 5 minutes, then get new teen volunteers.  Objective: to survive “attack” and listen to the Force using blocks, thrusts, and parries, etc.  as commanded.  Boys may get a little rough, tell them to calm down as necessary.
    Done in conjunction with a discussion on the Holy Spirit, and appropiate Star Wars clips.  Listening and trusting the Holy Spirit (a.k.a.  the “Force”), etc.  Great fun!


    :) WOOO!!!! Love it!

    Beral Khan

    the Games do sound like fun. I do have one question:

    Why would we discuss the Holy Spirit rather than just discussing the Force?


    I am not sure to be honest. Maybe the person who originally wrote these sees a more spiritual or religious point of view. You can always replace one with the other or even combine them.

    Beral Khan

    I see. :) I misread the initial post and thought you had created them, I apologize for my mistake. :)


    Don’t even worry about it. No harm done.

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