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    Kol Drake

    Forgot I had posted this under Esoteric concerning another subject — (Games Jedi can play online)

    >> Energy Sensing Games to Play Online << This entry was specifically about games you could play with your kids --
    FORCE Games you can play with your Younglings, Padawans, Friends and Family

    Find the Photo Game – Get 6 or so identical sized photos, one of you, one of a favorite relative, one of a friend, one of a pet, etc. Keeping them face down and separated, ask them to find the one you name – of Auntie Sue or one of themselves, etc.

    What’s in the Gift Box Game – Have them guess what is in each of several ‘gift boxes’ with items randomly selected inside..

    Coin Toss Guess – Toss a coin and guess which side landed up. Keep track. Consider offering prizes for getting it right more than half the time.

    It’s in the Cards – Using a standard deck of cards, have the person guess whether each card is red or black. Then move on to guessing suits or numbers. Keep track of correct guesses and praise all correct guesses. Anything greater than 50% accuracy IS a big deal!

    Holding the Bag – Put an item in an opaque bag, like a brown lunch bag. Hold it out for them or put it on a table. Have them put their hands on either side of the bag without touching it and tell what sort of vibrations it has. For instance, they can say anything like cold or hot, fuzzy or rough or smooth, metal, food, etc. Praise anything they get right even if they don’t guess the object.

    Guess the Color of the Marble – Choose a marble from a bag and guess what color is is before opening your hand. As a more advanced version, decide before choosing what colors you will pull out and then try to get those. You can also use colored blobs of glass that you can get inexpensively at aquarium stores or colored game markers.

    Get in Touch Game – Collect several pictures from magazines or photographs that have one central image in each and slip each into a large envelope. Mix them up and have your ‘testee’ put hands over or around the envelopeand guess what or who is in the photo.

    Energy Ball – Collect positive energy (chi) from all around you in the air and compress it with your hands into a small ball of pure energy. Start with a circumference of about 3 feet (beach ball) and bring together to about a 4″ softball. Pull and condense the energy together. Repeat over and over. Each time feel the energy building more and more. Feel the tingle. When you feet it, you can toss it to someone. Play catch with it. If it starts to fall apart, pull it together again.

    Sensing the Energy Game – Rub hands together rapidly about 10 seconds. Feel the tingle. Do it again, then hold your hands facing each other. Feel the energy flow. Do it again and hold your hands further apart – increase from 1 inch to 5 inches to a foot. Try this with a partner and see how far away you can feel the energy from their hands. Next, try standing behind a partner and rubbing your hands together. Then holding your hands out, approach closer and closer and see when they can feel the energy from your hands. Then try the same thing, but touch them and then move away slowly, seeing how many inches away they can feel you. Switch places and see how far away you can feel your partner’s energy. Try this with different partners – like mom/dad/grandma/grandpa, friends. As you increase in sensitivity, try feeling the energy without having to rub your hands together first.

    At a ‘camp gathering’, once everyone has been ‘tuned up’ on the above — you can make a wide circle and have everyone close their eyes. Walk silently behind them until you stop at one and send energy to them. See it they can tell when you do it. (( To eliminate the possibility of ‘hearing the person walk’/breathe near the circle, stand in the center and ‘just’ pick a target and send. Once folks can tell when it is a specific person — swap out the person in the center and let them try it.

    With those who are pretty sharp at telling ‘who’ and ‘when’ — let them be in the middle and the circle can randomly ‘send’ and see if the center can point to who is sending. (( great for telling differences in energy signatures))

    Weather Forecaster – Think about the weather for each day in the next week or so. Without using any resources except your gut feeling, guess what the weather will be like each day for the upcoming week. Write it down and then compare your guesses to the actual weather each day. You can also compare your guesses after you’ve made them to the weather forecast on tv, newspapers or on websites.

    Psychometry Game – Hold an object in one clasped hand. Sense the vibration of it. Let your mind wander over and into the object. Using your imagination, say whatever comes to mind. Use a tape recorder. If you have a group of friends around, have one of them secretly hand you an item and try to figure out which one it is from.

    Feel the Light Vibration Game – Hold your hands behind your back with palms out. Another person shines a light, preferably one with a small bright, tight, close beam, on ONE of your hands. You guess which hand has the light one it by mentally seeing your palms and deciding which is brightest. Wiggle a finger of the hand with the light on it.


    As with all energy ‘practices’ — the more you ‘do’ them, the easier they work. The above can be ‘games’ you can play with young ones to help develop their innate senses before time (and school/society) beat it out of them. In the above list of games, many touch on energy sensing and remote viewing/sensing… so all good games that are easy to play. (( Except the cards — do NOT do too many or it gets dull fast. ))

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