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    Well, I guess from looking though my past post, it’s been kind of ambiguous as to my stance on the whole thing, so I think I’ll put it out there. While I agree that we should weather the storm, and keep on as we have been, building a foundation and a core group, at the same time, I think its time for us to come out of the shadows, and be recognized for what we do. To me the Wiki page isn’t important, it was just something that would have been nice for helping people that need to find us do so. As it is, those that find us, seem to already be at the point that they are ready to find us, so this is one way we weed out those that aren’t ready for us. I’m not saying we need to go out and create a story to get us noticed, but there are things we can do, that we may already be doing, that if we stopped hiding the Jedi Realist part of us would help. For instance, if you have a few people in your area, Get together and volunteer, and list yourselves as Jedi Realist, go help out habitat for humanity building house, do a food drive, toy run, etc… I think putting together some advertisement, shirts, coffee mugs, hats, etc.. to allow us to at least get the name and site addy of IJRS out there for those friends and acquaintances who might be curious to check us out and see what we are about. in other words, unlike the Jediism news articles, instead of creating the news, be the news. Be the group that people are talking about because of what we are doing to help, not just what shenanigans are we up to.

    So say we all!


    And no one has ever discouraged this.  I think the limitations come in that many people don’t have other Jedi too close.  There are some exceptions, but I don’t personally know anyone else in Houston.  Otherwise I think it would be really fun to have a group of people get dressed up and visit kids in the children’s hospital or something.


    the thing I’m pointing to is the lack of people willing to put themselves out there, I’ll raise my hand as one, acknowledging being a Jedi realist to those outside the fold. I’ll admit part of it is not wanting the ridicule, and the other part is in trying to overcome the skepticism and religious bigotry to explain what it is. So I stay silent, and thus stay in the shadow’s. This was as much about me as it was about anyone else.


    I understand.  I tell friends eventually, but not work acquaintances until I really get to know them.  It’s hard enough to learn how to get along with everyone in an office without adding something possibly contreversial.  I have had short conversations about Star Wars with my manager, and have an Obi-wan Kenobi toy in my cube, but beyond that it just isn’t appropriate yet.  I do wear my lightsaber bracelet all the time now, but that isn’t obvious unless they ask. ;-)  But yes, we all can work on being just a tad more visible as Jedi without alienating people in the process by being a pain like some would do…

    Brandel Valico

    Very few people I actually know are not aware of my way of life. Usually through asking about the tattoo on my right arm. I have the symbol from the floor of the Jedi counsule floor. When it comes to the co-workers and associates. Family and friends have known forever. Though some like my mother for example are of the opinon its just a fad I’ve been going through for almost 20 years or so.  :P

    I can honestly say that it’s not always easy or even fun to deal with the issues that have or may arise. I can say it has gotten easier over the years.

    I wanted to write something here to explain that the above is not meant to suggest everyone should be open about their path. I tried a bunch of different ways to say it they all sounded hollow to me. Like I was making excuses for not doing so. The simple truth is I see no real reason why I wouldn’t do so. Though we each must make the descion for doing so or not ourselves. Since only each of us knows our own situations.


    I’ve been reading some of the old threads and saw this one.  I have to admit, with some regret, that I have been intentionally avoiding the term Jedi Realist.  Any time I use it, I then have to explain it, so I always just go straight to the explanation, skipping over the term itself.  However, I now see that this has been an injustice to the Jedi Realist movement.  We need to start getting the term out there so that even non-Jedi will start to hear it and know it.  I think I will start to use the term more often and let people ask about it so that the term and the description can begin to become linked.


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