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    What is a Jedi realist?

    Jedi Realist is a term meant to distinguish the Jedi of the real world from the Jedi of fiction, often shortened to Jedi, leaving the term Realist implied.

    Jedi are people who seek to emulate the Jedi Knights as presented in the fictional Star Wars universe by embracing the Jedi’s virtues and strengths and expressing them in the real world.  Jedi are called by the Force to direct their actions and passions in a direction that serves humanity, seeking to embody the principles outlined in the Core Values, and constantly pursuing self-development and training in all areas of mastery, including mental, physical, spiritual and psychic.

    What are the Core Values?
    The Core Values of the Jedi encompass many areas.  A Jedi

    1. Has faith and confidence in the Force and the inner strength and guidance it provides,
    2. Disciplines and trains the mind to gain knowledge, a strong will and serenity,
    3. Disciplines and trains the body to develop and maintain health and wellness in support of the Jedi’s work,
    4. Disciplines and trains the spirit through a conscious connection to the Force, gaining focus and discretion,
    5. Acknowledges emotions without allowing them to alter their actions or vision.
    6. Strives to achieve balance in all areas of life.
    7. Respects and defends life in all its forms.
    8. Is a guardian of peace and justice.
    9. Approaches life with courage and honesty to gain wisdom.
    10. Humbly undertakes service for the betterment of all.
    11. Practices compassion and patience toward others as well as the self.
    12. Views the world critically and objectively, with a willingness to challenge conventional thinking.
    13. Accepts the responsibility to pass on their knowledge to willing students of the Force.

    What is the Jedi Code?
    There are many versions of the Jedi Code.  We typically refer to the four line or Anderson code as the Jedi Code, as that appeared first in the fiction (in the order of book release, not the fictional timeline).  There are many variations however, as we will bow to Wookieepedia for a useful description of the different codes.  

    (from http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jedi_Code)

    One of the key portions of the Code was a five-line mantra. Several versions of the mantra exist, though the older version was:

       Emotion, yet peace.
       Ignorance, yet knowledge.
       Passion, yet serenity.
       Chaos, yet harmony.
       Death, yet the Force.

    The refined version established by Odan-Urr was perhaps the best known:

       There is no emotion, there is peace.
       There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
       There is no passion, there is serenity.
       (There is no chaos, there is harmony.)(*)
       There is no death, there is the Force.
       – The Jedi Code (Based on the meditations of Odan-Urr)

    (*)The fourth line “There is no chaos, there is harmony,” is removed in some Jedi texts. At the Funeral of Mara Jade Skywalker, for instance, this line was omitted.

    The Jedi Code was rewritten by Grand Master Luke Skywalker upon reestablishing the Jedi Order in the Galaxy:

       Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy.
       Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect.
       Jedi respect all life, in any form.
       Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy.
       Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.

    Is Jedi a religion?
    No.  While some individuals choose to follow Jedi as a religion, referred to as Jediism, the Jedi Realist path does not require this.  Instead we view the Jedi path as a life philosophy.  If your interested in more about the distinction there are discussions on the discussion forum to help you.  Individuals following the Jedi Realist path may follow any spiritual path they choose so long as the values of that path are in agreement with the Jedi path.

    What about lightsabers?
    In the myth created by George Lucas, anyone can wear a cloak and any number of beings has the ability to wield the Force for good or ill. The lightsaber, however, is the symbol of the Jedi. It is the badge of membership in the order and it is a Jedi’s only prized possession.

    Obviously, the technology to create a lightsaber as it appears in the Star Wars mythos is far beyond our current knowledge. A Jedi Realist doesn’t have access to a lightsaber – or does she?

    Let us take a moment to reflect on what a lightsaber is…

    A lightsaber is first and foremost a weapon, more specifically a sword. The blade is a focused beam of light that can cut through almost any material. It is a perfect metaphor for spiritual practice, focused illumination that can pierce through delusion to expose the very heart of reality. For the Jedi Realist, the construction of a lightsaber is not a step along the path, but the path itself. In the mythology, a Jedi was responsible for building his own lightsaber, from gathering materials to the actual construction and empowerment of the device. A teacher or master can only offer a blueprint, but the student is responsible for taking that blueprint and tweaking it to his needs, based on his own experiences, understanding and judgment. Constructing a lightsaber takes a little time and effort, perfecting a lightsaber takes a lifetime.

    The path you have chosen to undertake can provide you with a formidable tool to aid you in all aspects of life. A light to illuminate the world and a weapon to slay your own demons.

    So the Jedi Realist does learn to build a lightsaber, just not a laser sword. The Jedi Realist builds the lightsaber of the heart and mind. Just as the daisho of the samurai represented his soul and his honor, so to is the Jedi’s lightsaber. It is an extension of his being, it is his being. The Jedi and the lightsaber are not separate from each other or from the world in which he lives.
    – by Rev R

    Kol Drake


    I tried to post something very similar to this (at first without the code or core bits) on wikipedia since it seemed to send any query about Jedi and Jedi Realism/Realist to Jediism.

    My first five attempts got immediately deleted while the latest — this and a bit more — is ‘pending’ until someone decides if it is ‘an allowable entry’.

    Stinks that Jediism is considered a more ‘realistic’ entry only due to it’s press coverage.


    Weird, do they tell you why?  I’ve never done anything with wikipedia so I don’t know how it works. 

    I had realized today that this part of the FAQ was never posted here so I copied it over from the old site. whoops!


    current discussion of the Wiki article:

    I just created this entry today and it was immediately flagged for deletion.

    Although short, it is intended to show the differentiation of what the term Jedi Realist is as compared to Jediism… which seems to dominate wiki searches. There IS a difference and it should be noted.

    If the article is deemed ‘not worthy’ due to it’s length or lack of historical references and sundry links, I question this reasoning. Merely a note to add appropriate reference notes or affliation links would seem more in line than a straight out deletion.

        Very well; in that case I will PROD it, allowing you 7 days to add appropriate references. Ironholds (talk) 04:04, 6 June 2010 (UTC)

    Kol Drake

    The first few times were part of their ‘speedy deletion’ bot…  turns out anyone can flag a post for deletion and seems someone is very protective of the Jediism page.  THEN the final version was flagged as being ‘nonsense’ information… but I posted the info Memnoich.  The article is up for 7 days as others post their opinions on the page.

    So far, this is what has been put up (afternoon, Monday, June 7th).

    Jedi realist
    Jedi realist (edit|talk|history|links|watch|logs) – (View AfD • AfD statistics)
    (Find sources: “Jedi realist” – news · books · scholar · images)
    I declined speedy deletion, as the article isn’t nonsense and doesn’t meet any other criterion for speedy deletion. The article was redirected to Jediism by Ironholds (talk · contribs), but the author reverted it. decltype (talk) 03:45, 6 June 2010 (UTC)

    Redirect to Jediism.– ? OnePt618Talk ? 04:02, 6 June 2010 (UTC)
    Delete. Nothing to show that this is a notable movement, and based on the article text, it’s not used interchangably with Jediism. —C.Fred (talk) 04:08, 6 June 2010 (UTC)
    Delete & Redirect to Jediism. Not notable in its own right, and not enough information available on the internet for it to not be more appropriate to be a subsection of Jediism. SmokingNewton (MESSAGE ME) 15:10, 6 June 2010 (UTC)
    Delete. Do not redirect to Jediism, as the two claim to be very different things. —RepublicanJacobiteThe’FortyFive’ 16:33, 6 June 2010 (UTC)

    Kol Drake

    This is part of the problem.  Many think Jediism is an overarching term that represents all Jedi paths.

    As noted, most want to either delete or redirect all other references of any sort to be ‘under’ the main Jediism page… which I think is inproper.

    I would urge those in this forum to go to wiki and put in their ‘two cents’ or wiki will only present Jediism as the ONLY legitimate form of Jedi conduct/path… which would be a shame.


    here is the link to add your comments and voice to the article:


    I remember when TOTJO and TOTJF were creating the Wiki.  (Temple Of the Jedi Order).  They truly have a different view of the Jedi Path – and are likely to guard it.  They are very much in the way of organized religion – and clergy – and a strong mix of Buddhism and Catholicism and Star Wars with some New Age thrown in.

    If I may – why not make a Wiki about Jedi Realists?  Rather than try to change what Jediism means – which IS the religious connotation is it not? – perhaps making the Jedi Realist voice known will do more outreach than starting a “definitions” war (again).

    We truly are more alike than different at core.  But we have to state our differences.  Then we can exist together in understanding and respect.  

    I am truly not sure they understand our point of view.  I am considered a “humanist” among them – and they welcome me in this slot – but they truly have never understood Jedi Training such I’ve found on Jedi Realist Sites because these people do not leave their sites often.  If they do – it’s often to proselytize – or start a “unity” project.

    Then again – there are just as many Jedi Realists that have never left their sites.

    Make them truly apart or bring them together in understanding and respect of differences.

    We are not going to change one another.


    I think we are trying to create a jedi realist page, but it keeps being deleted because someone says it is unnecessary and already a sub-category for jediism, which simply isn’t true.  We came first historically and if it weren’t for the UK census and people making it a joke jediism would barely exist in numbers.  But people go searching for jedi religion now because of it and don’t realize there is a difference.

    Kol Drake

    I was trying to create a separate Jedi Realist page on wiki as Jax noted.

    Wiki’s criteria for what is ‘not nonsense’ is how many book references, newspaper account, scholarly documents show up on their searches.  Jedi realists get scant lines in three books and have no newspaper / online or paper / accounts so the only ‘thing’ wiki sees is page after page of Jediism stories (about the idiot & hoodie incident or those trying to found churches in various areas or other bad press… which is not taken into account.)

    To date, all commentary (except mine) tends to just say ‘delete it all together or delete and perhaps make it a sub section of Jediism…. again, seeing Jediism as the MAIN form/concept of what all things Jedi are about…. which, imo is so very incorrect.

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