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    First NY meetup is happening: https://www.facebook.com/events/535256283321770/


    I have occasionally popped in to Chicago Jedi meetings. Unfortunately, I work nights and weekends which makes my availability limited. So yes and no? I would like to get more involved in the chapter, I just don’t feel like I have the time to dedicate to taking something else on right now–I like to have my Sundays to myself to refill my cup and reset my introvert meter.

    I try to remember that I am a Jedi outside of the forums. And by that I mean that I call myself a Jedi, and I try to act like a Jedi. I try to work on Mindfulness and meditation. I do read books that help me become more aware of myself. I have a lot of work to do on myself and I really hope that I am doing it in the Jedi path.

    Does this make sense? Basically I try and I would like to think I am. I am not sure I really am though, and I know I could do better.


    Jovi, that’s great!

    Katie, perhaps you can instead try to meet up with an individual Jedi in your area from time to time? That’s less intense than a full meeting and easier to schedule around your work. Meet up for tea maybe? :-)


    Katie- What Jackie said! We both know several Jedi in the Chicago community that we can point you to that I’m sure would love to just meet for a one on one session. That way you aren’t over-engaging your extrovert/introvert meter.

    My other suggestion is that don’t start judging yourself. If all you have time for right now is reading a book or finding 5 minutes to meditate in the morning, then you are living the Jedi Realist life. We all have busy lives (well, maybe besides me at the moment) and so we do the best with the schedule we have. Don’t make it about sacrifice, make it about fun. What would be fun for you to do as a Jedi today?

    And that last part is for everyone. Jedi Chapters are great for community, but don’t feel like that is mandatory in order to be a Jedi Realist. Start with where you are at and work from there.


    Is there anyone in the Northern Virginia area? Or close to it, within a couple of hours drive?

    Kol Drake
    Hilda Cain wrote:
    Is there anyone in the Northern Virginia area? Or close to it, within a couple of hours drive?

    The Maryland/Virginia Jedi based in Catonsville, MD
    It’s webpage lists over 200 members.
    Gabriel is a long time IJRS contributor and Teacher.


    You might also try this smaller group —

    Heartland Jedi based in Murray, KY

    St. Louis Jedi Temple

    Saint Louis, MO
    34 Jedi

    The purpose for this temple is to show the world at large that there is a group of people from any race, culture, or religious background, that come together for the bettermen…

    Check out this Meetup Group →


    Lol, I am only in the wasteland of the DC metro area. Thank you, I will give both a try. It never hurts to know people. Thank you!

    Kol Drake

    I didn’t check but there might be a group or two in the PA & NY area… which is not THAT far away from MD.

    I know my daughter said she saw more than a few Jedi lightsabers when she went to last years Baltimore Comic Con.


    At Sci-Fi Cons there are always lightsabers and people playing Jedi. Before i found you all, I went there a lot of people, who think
    being a Jedi is having a saber and dressing up. It is what they want to do, more power to them, but, a lightsaber does not a Jedi make.
    I will check those areas, they are a bit far for me, about 4 to 5 hours, but, do able. Thank you!


    Please, forgive me snarky reply, I have been to one too many places where people believe you are a Jedi if you wave a plastic sword, sigh. I know it is not and I appreciate you taken the time to help me. I appreciate more than I can say. From my heart, thank you!

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