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    Hi Everyone,

    So for those of you who are new or old on the Jedi Path, one topic of interesting discussion is about your offline training. Sure, many of come online, sign in under our Jedi name and discuss philosophy, and Jedi myths and whatever else piques our interest. But, when you log out, do you take off the Jedi hat? Or do you keep it on? Is that Jedi Path something you integrate into your daily life?

    One way to integrate the Jedi Path into your daily life is to participate in or form a Jedi Chapter. Jedi Chapters are basically where like minded Jedi meet offline to discuss training, share in conversation and generally just become another place to meet with people who follow the Jedi Path. These meetings can be a lot of fun and you get to meet a lot of interesting and cool people. I’ve met quite a few of the faculty here offline, one of which is currently housing me and who I’ve known for a decade.

    So anyways, have you looked into participating in a Jedi Chapter? Are you currently in one? If you are in one, would you share some of your fun stories? IF you aren’t in one, or there isn’t one in your area, have you thought about creating it?

    Andddddd go!



    I run the Indy Jedi based in central Indiana. I co-run it with Diamond Firefist (not from this website). Indy Jedi is a chapter of the Jedi Federation, not of IJRS. Though, we have had members join both here and TOTJO to receive further training.

    I plan on joining Colorado Jedi in 2017 when I move out there.


    I got a buzz about something that called itself Evergreen Jedi (from the nickname for my state) maybe a year or so ago, when I was getting ready for my Novice exam. At the time, the only other Jedi I knew in WA was Lori Luminara, and she’s about as far away from me as you can be and still be in WA. And I wasn’t sure I was the guy to make this thing happen in any event, given my schedule and my lack of notoriety even in the broader Jedi community.

    Since then, I’ve been branching out into other forums in the community again, and there are actually quite a few more of us than I thought. I belong to Pacific Northwest Jedi over at TotJO, and there’s been a little preliminary talk about a meetup in Seattle.

    But going back to your original question, brother, I am aware of being Jedi whether online or off. I sort of blew my secret identity right about the same time, in a story that got picked up by the AP nationwide and significantly raised my public profile around here. Instead of ducking it or trying to pass it off as a prank, I’ve embraced it — to the point that my office window has the Jedi Order symbol right above my name. That comes with a special responsibility, to ensure that I am a suitable representative of what it means to be Jedi, no matter what the circumstances or with whom I’m interacting.

    EDIT: In case you thought I was kidding about the window . . .



    That just made my day! :) :)


    How to start?
    No, I’m not part of a offline Jedi Chapter and although I already plaid around with the idea of creating one myself, it hasn’t yet happened and might still take a while till it will.

    But what I have put on my ToDo list for 2017 is to attend my first RL Jedi Gathering which is like to be the one in the US as I simply might know most people who are going to attend it from the IJRS.
    In Europe, where I normally reside, we have somewhat a lack of connection between the single Jedi and different from the US, if we want to meet, this quickly means to leave one’s own country and travel to another country, which is, if you are not part of the Schengen Agreement/Area, not necessarily easy for everyone to do. But that is another point for me on which I will work on after I made it to my first RL Jedi Gathering, to organise one in Europe.
    But these things will not going to happen before 2017 as 2016’s main topic for me is all about getting back to German from Japan, creating a home for my wife there as she is joining me in Germany and we start our life together there and besides that I’m also looking forward to get my feet wet in the area of being a Feng Shui Consultant and founding my own Bujinkan Dojo for which I might lend Atticus’s example, idea and using the symbol of the Jedi Order as a “Mon” (jap. for emblem or family symbol).

    And finally, to answer your other question David, I made the Path of a Jedi Realist a Path which I do follow in my life, online as well as offline. This Path gets reinforced or runs in parallel to my Path in following and studying the traditions which are taught in Bujinkan. So being a Jedi and being a martial artist is what my whole life is built around and centred about.


    Western Slope Jedi is the offline community that I am a part off, we are an offshoot of the Colorado Jedi Chapter. Currently we have a few members, Myself , Lars, and Shamus, we have a couple others that float in and out, but of late we have had a difficult time getting our schedules to mesh, I’m sure once it warms up, this will clear up some. Mostly we have been trying to hold each other accountable for activity and have been trying to build something with staying power. We are a current council of three, the founding members, but this may change over the next year as Shamus has plans to join a Muslim outreach program that would have him traveling overseas for quite a while.


    I ran one with Andy, and I’m looking into running an off-shoot of it (Heartland Jedi) locally in the Greenville, SC area.


    Seta, would you call it Heartland? Would it be affiliated with JFed?


    I want it to be. But I’m not sure. One of the factors is that at least two in the group need to agree to that. The other two in the immediate area are ToTJO members and there’s a possibility I’ll be able to get the local budding saber group on board. Andy and I talked about it being Heartland Jedi: Blue Ridge. So we’d have the name HJ in it, but there would be an identifier with the original HJ maintaining it’s identity. I’m just not sure of the identifier. But Andy and I want to keep it at least in conjunction with each other so that cross training online isn’t so complicated. Same basics, :)


    I’m not on these forums too often, so I didn’t see this, but I run California Jedi. The group has brought so much value to my own path, especially when sometimes the wider community falls short of the kind of support that assists in strong training. It’s a lovely and excellent group of Jedi, and we are having our first large gathering next month (which is open to anyone who wants to attend by the way! It’s $100 to go, and you can register here: http://californiajedi.org/real-life-training/california-jedi-gathering-2016/).

    Meeting Jedi offline and in real life, and seeing other people attempting this awesome crazy thing called Jedi in real life is one of the most inspiring things you can do for your path I think.

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