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    Realistically, I won’t use this much.  lol  However, I should have one, eh?  :-)


    Two nights ago, or perhaps three already, I did an impromptu elemental meditation.  I’ve been reading this book about elemental magick, but only made it through fire and water.  As I was lying in bed, breathing, I noticed a visual of fire.  This was puzzling, as I normally see visuals that can best be described as cartoons created on an acid trip.  lol 

    After a few moments I decided to walk towards it.  I know that fire does not have to burn spiritually, so I kept walking.  As I was walking into the fire I could feel an energy shift, and I set my intention for it to be a cleansing or purifying ritual.  I spent some time in the middle of it all.  At some point I felt a bit weird in my stomach and decided that was my body telling me to move on.  So I left the fire, where I then saw a small pond of water in front of me.  I walked into it and let myself float in the healing waters.  I got out when I again I felt a little weird in my body.  I tried to lie down on a rock, but since I didn’t know the characteristics of earth, I couldn’t get a good visual or intention set and decided this was good enough for now.  It was an interesting meditation.  Since then I haven’t seen anything, so I’ll be patient.  Or I’ll come up with the next part of the ritual.  :-)


    You know Jax, at Jediismway someone spoke of using meditation to an effect.  But they stated it would be more to meditate on the Jedi code as well as other messages.

    I had not realized, apart from Mantras and affirmations, that meditation could be used in a more focused -and as you are doing it – visual way.  A focused way…?

    I thought it was more find calmness and centering – and I do use it for the bit of Reiki that I do.


    – Asta


    There are many things you can do that are considered meditation.  However, it isn’t very effective until you can do what we start with meditation 1 – breathe properly, focus, and calm the mind.  Unfortunately, a lot of people’s meditation education is haphazard, so these most important goals are lost in the rush to do other things.  Also, most people do not find visualization easy or possible at all.  Much of this meditation was feel more than visualization, but there was some.  It’s a skill that’s very slowly coming to me as I develop.  But it’s not required at all.  :-)

    So no worries, your meditation practice is great!  More will be taught in meditation 2, but even then, you never want to lose touch with the most basic of meditations.  That’s where the benefit comes in.  :-D  This other stuff is really more spiritual development than meditation itself. 


    This isn’t technically a meditation, but it’s the most appropriate for posting this reflection.  I’m still debating posting the actual exercise here, but it is on my blog for the curious and resourceful.  lol

    Last night I did the chakra cleansing that I posted yesterday.  It was my second time trying it.  This time I decided to wait a little longer to connect with some energy from my chakra before making circles with my hand.  I still haven’t felt much like sludge or anything else really coming off my chakras as Dr. Villoldo stated, but I did find it interesting when I went to spin my chakras back up.  I found from almost the beginning that my hand found a natural speed to these circles that was much faster than I started out at.  After some time I would try to extend the circle into a spiral away to transition more easily.  Each chakra through 4 and I believe 5 were all pretty fast.  Then I got to 6 and my hand moved slower, which was also the case at 7.  I wasn’t sure if that was due to soreness after Wii fit or what.  But it was interesting.

    Lying down after I noticed I was breathing faster than normal, my energy was definitely different.  Perhaps not ideal for sleeping, but it passed eventually.

    A bit ago I asked T if she could verify if those two chakras were spinning slower than the rest and she said yes.  My 7th is the slowest, the 6th isn’t quite as slow, and the rest are all about the same.  I found that really interesting, and it was awesome to have outside confirmation!  So now I know that I do sense some things intuitively, and I know which chakras to maybe spend a little extra time on.  Actually, now that i think of it, I rarely got to those chakras when I did the Robert Bruce chakra activation exercises, perhaps that is part of it?  If Carrie’s feeling up to it (she’s very sick right now) I’ll ask her about it.  Hopefully I’ll remember later.  Very cool though.  :-) 


    Again, not a specific meditation, though it required the same kind of focus. 

    I wanted to keep some of my comments private since they are about Carrie and her experiences, but I can talk about the things I learned tonight and still respect privacy.

    Carrie’s energy has been all over the place, so I asked the guides if I could do the chakra cleanse, if it would be safe for her that is.  They said yes, so long as I followed the directions and listened to them if they needed me to stop.

    I prepared first by doing the 2nd awareness exercise (I think that’s the one) where you do these eye movements to clear your vision (I know I’m explaining that poorly).  Then I stand in prayer pose, letting my energy balance out between my hands and body.  During that time they told me to ask for guidance and help, which I did.  Apparently help did come by way of Manthis, my higher guide, but I didn’t know that until after.  So I asked that my hands heal and not harm, and they find their marks for the chakras.  Well, I wasn’t sensing the locations consciously, but apparently I did find them just as I should so that wasn’t a problem.

    During the cleansing, most of the chakras elicited a strong reaction, so I only did 2 circles for each.  It’s better to go slow than go too fast and hurt her.  I didn’t use water, just flicked my hand hard to get rid of the dirty energy I was cleaning out.  There were times I could feel some interaction with the energy, but mostly I tried to keep my focus while checking with her to make sure she was ok.

    After they reminded both of us to be humble and thankful for the healing and help, which is certainly good to remember.  We’re going to do this every night hopefully, though we’re going to go down to one circle tomorrow and let her slowly build up, as she does have very strong reactions to it.  My guess is that she allows me in more, so there’s no shielding.  Therefore it’s more effective than a stranger doing the same thing.  In time, we’ll build up to doing more.  Hopefully in a few weeks we’ll have a much healthier and stronger Carrie, just in time for the Melissa Etheridge concert. 


    I need to start working on some purposeful meditations again.  To do so, I’m going to use mantras on different topics (but only one topic per meditation) to work on subconsciously addressing issues.  This list is going to be added to as I come up with things.  I wanted to start it tonight so I wouldn’t forget.

    integrating brain ‘halves’
    bringing the subconscious to the conscious
    awareness of intuition
    awareness of emotions
    increasing self confidence
    improved memory
    improved focus


    I like these mantras and that is a great idea to incoporate them into your meditations!  The one I used tonight is focusing on Joy and Serenity! =] 


    This morning I was tired but knew I needed to meditate.  If I can’t make time to meditate on the weekend, when will I?  And the only way to get answers to the persistent questions in my mind is to go within.  Since my oatmeal takes 35 minutes to cook, I decided to use that as a timer.  I burned some sage in the seashell to cleanse the energy of the living room.  I laid on the floor because my back isn’t feeling awesome and the couch isn’t supportive enough for sitting or lying.  By the time I was ready I had 20 minutes or so before my oatmeal.  I started with the microcosmic orbit (qigong exercise of circulating energy internally).  It took me a while to get through two cycles because I was tired and kept drifting, but I wanted to have some focus before I went further.  Then I just kept breathing and trying to turn down the music in my head (the danger of Beatles Rock Band is having Beatles songs stuck in your head!)  There were brief flashes of different things.  A few times I heard a few words, always different voices which is a fairly common occurrance for me now.  I’m getting better at holding onto them, but it’s still very hard to hear them and remember.  However, I don’t believe these snippets are from guides or anything.  My theory is I’m slipping to a slightly ‘deeper’ level and overhearing others on that same plane.  The only thing that may have been meant for me that I remember was mention of a door opening. I don’t remember if it was words or impression that it would open suddenly.  I don’t know what the door is for, it could be related to career, personal growth, who knows.  In this state I am unable to ask questions or even comprehend much without slipping out of it, so I just file the information away for future reference.  Visually I saw brief glimpses as well. Early on I saw a small black animal, I thought maybe my cat but he wasn’t physically walking around and certainly couldn’t walk through the couch.  I remember a visual of someone (not me) pointing to a dry erase board like they were teaching a class.  And finally there was a weird feeling about 2/3 of the way through.  I noticed it got hard to breathe all of a sudden and I got real warm (external source, not internal).  No idea why, but that’s the story of the day. lol All this happened in the first 20 minutes.  Then the timer went off, so I took the oatmeal off the stove, lit some more sage and settled back in.  I didn’t notice anything else interesting, I struggled a lot more in the second 20 minutes, but the point is that I did it.  I need to start building a practice again so I have to take advantage of quiet time.  Many times I try to meditate and get interrupted by Carrie so this was a miracle in itself. :-)

    don’t know what the door is for, it could be related to career, personal growth, who knows.

    CRAPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::)


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